[MODULE] N3O No Nonsense Notch Overlay

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Jan 14, 2022


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May 25, 2022
Realme GT 2 Pro
Awesome work! My question is possible to remove hole punch and rounded corners like this? Rounded corners will only disappear for a second when I change some settings/ notch style and come back, so close! I have changed my phone resulotion to 2160x1440 for some special use, thanks very much! Realme gt2pro with realme ui 3 Android 12


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Dec 3, 2017
Moto G 5G Plus
Hi @LOGMD , thanks for your work, i came across this issue with the latest android 12.1 pixel experience gsi.
I don't know what's the cause of the issue but it comes out just after i install this overlay.

The status bar seems half its normal size when i put the custom cutout on.

Here's the pictures without the custom cutout left (260px)
Screenshot_20220617-110333_Avvio app Pixel.png

And here's with

Idk who i should ask for help, would it be possible to add an height value to custom cutouts? Would it solve it?


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Dec 3, 2012
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Google Pixel 5
Just to let you know @LOGMD, with the newest 13 beta (3.3) the module is broken. It installs properly, but there are no selections in Dev Ops/Cutout except for stock.

Device is Pixel 5. If there's any logs you need me to get let me know. The N30 folder in data/adb maybe?
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    N3O (or Nitrous Oxide i guess :p)
    Who is it for:
    • devices with punchole or cutout displays
    • the black bar REALLY annoys you in landscape
    • clock behind camera annoys you just as much!
    What it does:
    • Uses full screen in landscape mode
    • respects the cutout in portrait to ensure a normal status bar
    Device Support
    • Preset for Oneplus 8/8T & 8 Pro
    • Preset for Pixel 5
    • Other devices via custom config (left/right cutouts, center cutouts experimental)
    • Custom mode for other left or right cutouts without presets (please share your values)
    13 - Experimental builds (here)
    12 - Experemental builds (here)
    11 - AOSP based Roms
    10 - Currently not supported (can install but bootloops reported)

    The only nonsesne here, is that devices that switch resolution need to have a specific cutout to match it. if you dynamically change resolution using tasker you need to switch overlays when you do so (seems to not affect powersave mode when at full resolution)

    For up-to date information on features in the module and how to use it, check the documentation on git here

    Where do i get it:

    • Gnonymous7 for Script base and install logic
    • Zackptg5 for MMT-Ex template.
    • topjohnwu Magisk.
    • All the testers and xda for providing a platform to test on
    @LOGMD and for anyone with the script running past the volume check in the Magisk app, install Fox's Magisk Module Manager from github and flash the module through that.
    I was having the same issue. I'm on Canary Magisk and Android 13 and installation works with Fox's Mmm. It also works on Android 12 and Canary. Plus now that modules aren't provided through the Magisk app anymore, it's nice to have a repo to get modules from.
    You should try submitting your module to that LOGMD. People who weren't getting their modules accepted to the old official repo are getting accepted there. The requirements for the official one I never understood.
    (edited to include the link)

    That's pretty-much what this module does, immersive mode on Android 11. I do use Nova with a hidden status bar so I don't know what this mod does with other launchers but it gives me full immersive mode in landscape for games, YouTube, Netflix etc, etc.

    Edit: I re-read your post and you're asking specifically about portrait... do you want that for all apps or just the launcher? Based on previous discussions I recall most people want landscape only immersive mode.
    Full immersive still isn't possible, the status bar ain't going nowhere with their customisations.

    I tried many days to find where they force the status bar to always reserve space in portrait but had no luck. Closest I got was to disable all the oneplus overlays but then the system started behaving strangely
    Just popping in to confirm that v1 works just fine on the OP8 with the latest stable build of OOS/A11 - released a few days ago. (y)
    Would it be possible to go full screen in portrait apps as well? Can't we push all status bar elements to the right? (punch hole on the top left)

    With the custom setting you can push it as far right as you want.

    Oneplus 8 series
    However there's no ridding of the statusbar or even changing its size at the moment.

    G-visual mod alters the status bar height and yes the content of the statusbar shrinks. But can't move the line below the camera that separates the statusbar from the action bar (this is not normal behaviour)

    I've spent countless nights modding this to hell but the only way I got anything to work is remove all the system UI overlays using magisk - but then things like brightness control etc stop working 😂

    other devices
    you could enable immersive (other mods should be compatible with this)

    This mod however just inserts an object to the left which obstructs elements underneath to move, pushing all the content to the right would mean modifying a lot of XML files across different devices and compatibility would be hard (device specific)

    What we perceive as the "status bar" is actually not just in one place in android, it consists of, status bar, keyboard status bar, heads up status bar and notification status bar.

    My original pre release no nonsense mod was built like this, but I found it was version specific to even minor upgrades and was too volatile causing bootloops etc.

    Not that it cannot be done.

    sorry for the essay just sharing my findings 😂