[Module] [OneUI 3.1] Universal SafetyNet Fix [Updated 15/04/21]

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May 25, 2022
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    Universal SafetyNet Fix for Samsung Devices
    Magisk Modded Module for OneUI 2.5 & 3.1

    Original dev : @kdrag0n

    This is a universal fix for SafetyNet on devices with hardware attestation and unlocked bootloaders. It defeats both hardware attestation and the new SafetyNet CTS profile updates released on January 12, 2021. The only requirement is that you can pass basic attestation, which requires a valid combination of device and model names, build fingerprints, and security patch levels.

    Passing basic attestation is mostly out-of-scope for this module; this module is meant to defy hardware attestation, as well as reported "basic" attestation that actually uses hardware under-the-hood. Nonetheless, it features a few basic attempts at helping pass basic attestation on some devices, especially older devices and devices running stock ROMs. No device-specific features (such as the new Pixel-exclusive Google Assistant design or screen-off voice match) will be lost with this fix.

    This Magisk Module is modded to work on every Samsung Device.
    No more biometrics errors and random reboots.

    Works on every OneUI 2.5 & OneUI 3.1 ROM.
    For GSI ROM use the original one here.​

    • Install MagiskHide Props, set props to A50 if needes.
      Install modded SafetyNet Fix module and reboot.
    • Enable MagiskHide in Magisk Settings.
    • Voala, you passed safetynet.
    Changelog V2
    - Fixed Biometrics issues on OneUI 3.1 (Android 11)​
    - Fixed random reboots or bootloops​
    - All Samsung Devices supported​
    Thank ypu sir it worked for me
    I'm on latest FreshROM, Magisk 20.4 and this module. Installed as it was said on the first post. Works like a charm.

    Which ROM are you using? Maybe your problem is somehow related with ROM.

    I've tested it on Cobra & FreshROMs and it works on both. I think the guy above is doing something wrong tho.
    What I did:
    - installed Magisk Hide from Magisk,
    - installed module which I downloaded from this thread via Magisk by Install from storage option.

    View attachment 5209789

    Maybe he doesn't know how to set props.
    Anyways, hello brother! Greets from Czechia