[Module] Please Help with Smali Patcher on my Redmi 6a

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Jun 30, 2020
My phone is a Redmi 6a, Android version 9, MIUI 10.4.4
I have rooted my phone with Twrp and have the latest version of Magisk, and bootloader in unlocked.
Whenever i try to run smali patcher this error occurs.
fOmey @ XDA
Patcher version:
==> Detected java: 1.8.0_251
==> Dumped framework
==> Processing framework
[INFO] Processing 1 file(s) from bin\services.vdex
[INFO] 1 out of 1 Vdex files have been processed
==> Extracting classes.cdex
!!! ERROR: Failed extracting classes.cdex

I have-
1) Run smali patcher as administrator
2)Installed latest java update and net framework
3)have the latest drivers for my phone
Things i have also tried which don't work
run smali patcher with my phone in recovery mode where it shows error "no ADB devices found"
so /system mounted doesn't really do anything if my PC can't recognize my phone
i have turned on file transfer which works normally
i just don't know what to do. :(