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Dec 6, 2014
DISCLAMIER: Nothing of this work is mine. I just found it searching on the internet. Please give credit to the original authors listed at the bottom of the page

First of all, sorry if my english is not perfect.

Let's start saying that I was looking around for a sort of port/mod of the Pixel 2 now playing feature to be installed on my og pixel, and today I found this: Pixel 2 Features

Now, I clearly read the this project is still in development, but I also notice that it's was inactive for a year.
I know the developer Quinny898 which has looked around the sources, I saw some other works he made in this community and have read some articles here on xda.
I found a similar project of Now playing in the CypherOS rom, in the PixelDust rom, and some development activities around the web, but still no valid apk or module.

Now that I found this, it looks like some of the source (if not all) was published in that repo.
I searched for a public version of this module here on xda and around the web but I didn't found any.

My question is if this is a valid source to be used, if it was just stopped because there is no possibility of continuing the project or if someone is able to continue the development/build a working module.
This could really be a good starting point.

Hope for some clarifications about, would love to see that feature finally ported for other devices than pixel 2/3.

Thank you.


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Jun 5, 2016
The PE dev actually published this app in the Play Store for easier updates. But I think it's not possible to add this feature without modifying the whole ROM.

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