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Aug 8, 2019
sir @CreepycCrafter24, how to update smali patcher version..?? update 7.3 its ready.. but we still on 7.2..
The process I use for updating only really works with smaller amounts of changes. Due to larger changes in addition to decompiler bugs (maybe related to costura.fody) I would have to read through at least 800 lines (likely over 1k) of partially nonsensical code, try to isolate and rewrite the changes and pray I made no mistake because I can't test the new changes for android 11. I have written a pm to the original author of smali patcher and hope to be able to contribute at least some of my changes upstream or at least get to see the actual source code instead of trying to maintain a fork through diffs in decompiled code

Edit: you can look here for my partially cleaned up diff: https://gitlab.com/JFronny/smalipatcher/-/commit/4b16b0f9a28e032facbfec5264b672b5a32fda2b


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Feb 28, 2021
[QUOTE = "CreepycCrafter24, pos: 84573287, anggota: 10071420"]
sm4a = SMali patcher untuk (4) Android

Saya baru mengenal Termux tetapi saya ingin belajar cara membuat Smallipatcher tanpa PC, selama instalasi Stable Automatic saya temukan
Sub-proses /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/dpkg
apakah skrip berhasil diinstal?
Aug 8, 2019
[QUOTE = "CreepycCrafter24, pos: 84573287, anggota: 10071420"]
sm4a = SMali patcher untuk (4) Android

Saya baru mengenal Termux tetapi saya ingin belajar cara membuat Smallipatcher tanpa PC, selama instalasi Stable Automatic saya temukan
Sub-proses /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/dpkg
apakah skrip berhasil diinstal?View attachment 5236053
I have no idea what you are saying, but try running apt upgrade manually
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Sep 2, 2010
Appreciate if anyone knows whether the patch of Samsung Knox works - as I'm considering a new samsung device and it will be good to know before purchasing.

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    WARNING: Currently sm4a is stuck on Smali Patcher 7.2 and (due to complications on my end, specifically the decompiler not producing usable code diffs) an update to 7.3 is unlikely without access to the proper source code of smali patcher. If you want to, you can try to clone the repo, revert the last few commits, decompile smali patcher and try to port over the changes yourself.

    Smali Patcher is a Module created by @fOmey that allows for users to apply patches to their Android system, such as removing signature verification or making mock locations seem genuine.
    While the tool is very useful, it requires a windows installation to be ran. That was the reason I decided to work on porting the program to linux.
    However: In doing so I recognized that I could get it running entirely on android without dependency on any desktop system using termux.
    If you want to try it out, I have provided instructions for installing my port here (tested only on LineageOS 17.1 for SM-A520F because that is my only phone, it should work fine on other devices though).
    Please note that I had to make some changes to the internal logic of Smali Patcher to get this running so if you experience any problems you should ask me for support and not bother fOmey. I have also created a windows backport of my modifications here.

    Also, feel free to mess with the source code.

    Thanks to fOmey for creating his awesome tool and not threatening to sue me if I release my modifications.
    I feel like I'm stress testing your patience for noobs. Lol. Linux isn't fully my forte, but I understand a little. I am learning. I appreciate your willingness in making this project.

    New screenies for you.

    Edit: I will say I somehow assume this is partly on my end, with just my phone I assume. But thought I'd share.
    On-device ADB has caused some issues for me in the past, with my phone sometimes showing up as an android emulator even without allowing networking, other times the network connection showed up without having to connect first, apparently it doesn't work at all sometimes. You can ignore the line "cannot stat SmaliPatcherModule*" btw, that is in the script to allow modules to be copied out if they get generated and doesn't indicate an error currently. I am honestly not entirely sure how you would go about getting the connection working, sorry.
    The output of adb connect indicates that the issue might be with the OS denying access to ADB for local networks (this is unlikely if you have an AOSP-based ROM) or some fault in the ADB setup. I think you might have to look for help elsewhere
    sorry for nob question sir @CreepycCrafter24 , but which command line to put "--no-cp" argument when i try to patch for other phone..??
    ./smalipatcher --no-cp
    sir, smali update to version 7.2 with more patch.. can u merged it..??

    also, can u make tutorial if we want to patch other phone.. like, where to place other phone framework folder and build.prop.. and what command to run patch..
    7.2 should already be merged. Relative to the termux home dir, files are copied to
    . The command is the same, just add --no-cp
    View attachment 5185223

    Module is installed thanks alot for your help.... But my last question is how do i know the patches are working???
    it depends what you patch..
    like if u patch secure flag, try to take screenshot on app thats not allowed screenshot..
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