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Nov 22, 2018
Hi all,

version 22.6 (Codename: La Sirena) is now available.

Can this be installed on a device that is running an android 10 AOSP rom (MSM-X) with signature spoofing support, Magisk, and opengapps pico without having to reset the phone settings, app setting etc.?
Will it work out of the box, or will I have to re-configure everything again?
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Dec 17, 2017
What does it mean "Google-free" ?

Out of sheer curiosity I did run ClassyShark3xodus on GmsCore.apk (see attached screenshots) and was surprised that google trackers are listed there.
Please would anyone explain what does it mean? Thanks.


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May 22, 2016
Out of sheer curiosity I did run ClassyShark3xodus on GmsCore.apk (see attached screenshots) and was surprised that google trackers are listed there.
Please would anyone explain what does it mean? Thanks.
These are false positives : empty stubs to fake apps subservient to Google.
All you need to know is explained here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_stub
Basicaly, if you want to setup a working spoof, you need good stubs...

btw, with Magisk onboard, you can use my new appOps to manage your device deeper : https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...etter-v1-0-t3637705/post81673275#post81673275 (, final release will be push by tomorrow).

@sabotage154 , you may found useful info for your 'microG-ification' of CUBOT_KINGKONG_MINI_9101C_V06_20191121 in this thread. One user also confirmed GSi working fine on your device; give a try to my microG Pie dedicated GSi : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81378991&postcount=65

For even more privacy, I also built experimental microG Pie GSi with an (infamous) internet & wakelock permissions wide runtime switch, to let end-users decide which app realy deserve them: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81550957&postcount=66 (no root required !).
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Aug 28, 2017
Came here to say thank you for this wonderfull project!!! <3
I used some Nandroid packages with RR 5.8.5 on my S5+ to insall MicroG, Fdroid and enable signature spoofing (via patcher) in this ROM. The only thing that doesn't work out for me is to pass SafetyNet with Magisk but I guess it's because the DroidHelper isn't working with the current implemantation of SafetyNet from google. I don't want to switch to googleplay services so hopefully this will get patched soon.


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Mar 9, 2016
Unable to install NanoDroid-Google-22.6.20200208
    perm: data [single] {/data/adb/modules/NanoDroid_Google//system/etc/permissions/com.google.android.backuptransport.xml}
file: google-sync-permissions.xml not found

Log attached

OrangeFox R10.0
AOSP Extended
Android 9


  • NanoDroid_Google_22.6.20200208_twrp_20200213_14.30.52.log
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Sep 17, 2010
San Diego
Install with fastboot?

I did a search in the thread but didn't find anything about my question. I have the OnePlus 7T, and we have root but no working recovery (NO TWRP). I'm on Android 10 stock but rooted, and we achieved this through fastboot commands, etc and even have a couple Roms that can be installed via fastboot. Anyone know if and how to install NanoDroid or microg using fastboot?


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Aug 28, 2017
Does the nanodroid patcher work with official LOS16? I need signature spoofing but I'm not sure if it works with LOS16. It worked with 14.1...
Edit: I gave it a try and it worked! :)
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Dec 19, 2011

I flashed the latest bromite system webview module but it doesn't works. I got an update for bromite in fdroid but that's it. It is not listed in the "webview implementation" option. Any idea ? :confused:

Lineage 17.1, no gapps
Bromite Version 80.0.3987.95

Thanks !

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    Im in the exact same position as you, with exactly the same device and the exact same problem.
    Im almost going insane trying to get this to work all day!

    The Installation of "NanoDroid-FULL" of "NanoDroid-microG" does only result in bootable device if:
    • No .nanodroid-setup file is present
    • OR "nanodroid_play=01" in the .nanodroid-setup file
    The Installation of "NanoDroid-FULL" of "NanoDroid-microG" does result in unbootable device and boot loop if:

    • A .nanodroid-setup file is present
    • AND "nanodroid_play=10" in the .nanodroid-setup file

    @Setialpha Can you please help? I saw that this issue https://gitlab.com/Nanolx/NanoDroid/-/issues/176 got closed when its unfixed and still relevant.
    Tried alternative installers? Like https://github.com/friendlyneighborhoodshane/minmicrog_releases/
    Please allow me to directly seek for your expertise as unfortunately the XDA search is still broken yet. And a web search didn't provide a suitable answer. And actually, my question is only out of curiousity as everything is perfectly working.

    When has the Google Play Store modified/patched by @Setialpha last been updated.

    My latest update is from end of July 2020; version as shown in screenshots. The Nanodroid F-droid repo is added to F-droid and was last checked for updates three days ago. However, I'm not even sure if the modified GPS is available via that repo.
    View attachment 5256827View attachment 5256829View attachment 5256831View attachment 5256833
    I had the same issue, when freshly installing last nanodroid I fixed it by simply removing the fdroid repo and adding it back.

    I had issues on microg asking for background location permission and since the fix was to install gmscore.apk as a user app the easiest way (and the way it worked) was to update the app via the fdroid repo.
    I guess there is something misconfigured in microg repo in nanodroid.
    nanodroid google sync does not support android 11.

    any solution or alternative?
    By flashing in recovery? Because as I mentioned it didn't work through Magisk. However my question was regarding a more automated updating process - I'm okay to wait (for Aurora to be updated) if that means Magisk will remind me (of Nanodroid updates).
    No, Magisk will never remind you as the NanoDroid modules aren't part of the Magisk repo. Personally, I always flash my desired NanoDroid modules via TWRP and never by Magisk as there were severe issues in the past (maybe device, maybe ROM related IDK). And I assess to just boot into recovery and to flash it from there not to be a big issue.
    i am on lineageos 18.1 with a samsung s7.

    it is not possible to install nanodroid over twrp or magisk. it results in a bootloop.

    any1 on android 18 and got it running?
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    NanoDroid is a installer for various OpenSource related things, most noticably microG and F-Droid. It supports direct /system installation, both devices with or without A/B partition scheme, aswell as Magisk Mode (module) installation. It also includes several tools (eg. GNU Bash, shell utilities, more), scripts, fonts, sounds and additional features (system debloating, init scripts, automatic logcat creation), aswell as a companion F-Droid Repository.

    Furthermore it allows the user to do fine-graded installations using configuration files, which allow to choose what to install, or if several alternatives are available, which of them, see "Alter Installation" in the full documentation (link at the end of this post).

    In order for full microG experience NanoDroid contains a modified Play Store which allows (in-)app-purchases with microG, which would normally not be possible. It also tries to remove all previously installed GApps on it's own. For ROMs without builtin signature spoofing support NanoDroid includes an on-device Patcher which tries to patch your ROM from TWRP.

    Versions until 15.1 were called NanoMod, starting with 16.0 they're called NanoDroid.

    NanoDroid does now have a companion F-Droid Repository for easy updates of Play Store (patched with (in-)app-purchase support) and MPV builds Repository Info-Page

    Current Release

    Stable: "BusyCompat"
    Beta: --- (---)

    Supported Android Versions

    NanoDroid officially supports the following Android versions:

    • 4.4 / SDK 19 (KitKat)
      • System Mode only (Magisk does not support KitKat)
    • 5.0 / SDK 21 (Lollipop)
    • 5.1 / SDK 22 (Lollipop)
    • 6.0 / SDK 23 (Marshmallow)
    • 7.0 / SDK 24 (Nougat)
    • 7.1 / SDK 25 (Nougat)
    • 8.0 / SDK 26 (Oreo)
    • 8.1 / SDK 27 (Oreo)
    • 9.0 / SDK 28 (Pie)
    • 10.0 / SDK 29
    • 11.0 / SDK 30 (R)
      • Patcher does not work from TWRP
      • Patcher works from Magisk if your ROM's services.jar already contains classes.dex
      • Deodex Instructions
    earlier versions will never officially be supported (you may still report bugs, though).

    Future versions will be officially supported, eventually.


    NanoDroid can be installed as a Magisk Module or directly to /system, though a bit functionality is only available with Magisk. It must be installed from TWRP!

    NanoDroid includes

    • microG and it's companions
      • on-device framework-patcher for microG support (signature spoofing)
    • F-Droid and it's privileged extension
      • modified Play Store to allow (in-)app-purchases with Magisk
        • alternatively Aurora Store can be installed instead
    • custom init scripts
    • pseudo-debloat feature
    • several Open Source applications
      • include replacements for the pseudo-debloated applications
      • full list of included applications

    Magisk Modules

    Module packages, flashing through TWRP recommended, flashing through Magisk Manager possible starting with version 22.6.91 (22.7-beta2).

    • NanoDroid: includes
      • everything mentioned in the Summary
    • NanoDroid-microG: includes
      • microG and it's companions
      • GNU Bash
      • pseudo-debloat feature
      • app stores
    • NanoDroid-fdroid: includes
      • F-Droid and it's privileged extension
    • NanoDroid-BromiteWebView: includes
      • Bromite WebView
    • NanoDroid-OsmAnd: includes
      • OpenStreetMap for Android (OsmAnd+)


    Extra packages, flashing through TWRP recommended, flashing through Magisk Manager possible starting with version 22.6.91 (22.7-beta2).

    • NanoDroid-pacher: includes
      • on-device framework-patcher (signature spoofing support)
    • NanoDroid-systest: includes
      • System Test script which generates a log to aid issue reporting
    • NanoDroid-uninstaller: includes
      • uninstalls all NanoMod/NanoDroid Magisk Modules
      • uninstalls NanoMod/NanoDroid installed in System Mode
      • uninstalls NanoMod/NanoDroid-Patcher addon.d environment

    The GitLab repository contains the full documentation with infos about

    • more detailed info what's included
    • detailed installation instructions
    • setup instructions for microG
    • list of known Issues (and fixes/workarounds)
    • more
    >> Full Documentation
    I never had a look about how much users NanoDroid might have gotten meanwhile, but I checked the stats, just for fun. So, if you wanna know, I'm leaving this here.

    Just to make it clear: no personal information is stored, only basic stuff, like country of origin, Browser agent or what has been accessed, no tracking or profiling.

    All values from May 1st to May 24th, for HTTPS access only (HTTP access to my site is down to less than 5 %, so I didn't bother).

    NanoDroid (Zips):
    - Full/Stable: ~29.300 (!!)
    - Full/Beta: ~500
    - microG/Stable: ~16.500 (!!)
    - microG/Beta: ~1.000

    NanoDroid F-Droid repo:
    - F-Droid repo update checks: ~88.000
    - custom GmsCore installs: ~4.000
    - patched Play Store installs: ~3.500
    - unofficial MPV build installs: ~1.350

    Access by country (Zips):
    - unknown (unresolved, Tor, VPN, or unknown to statistic software): 52 %
    - Germany 5 %
    - Brazil 4 %

    Access by country (F-Droid):
    - unknown (unresolved, Tor, VPN, or unknown to statistic software): 30 %
    - Germany 11 %
    - Russia 4 %

    Top referers:
    - XDA
    - Miui Browser 'Hot'
    - 4PDA

    OMG, I'm working on a project which attracts more than 45.000 users (active users of course unknown). I never thought NanoDroid would become this huge.

    Thanks a lot for your ongoing support!
    Hi everyone,

    I know I've been inactive for about 2 or 3 months here.

    Those who follow the git repository might already know that some groundbreaking work was going on since beginning of August.

    A new beta release 22.6.91 (= 22.7-beta2) will drop this weekend. What's to expect:

    - full support for Android 10 (many issues resolved)
    - full support for Android 10 **if deodexed** in the Patcher
    - flashing all Packages (except the Uninstaller, needs a few changes, still) through Magisk Manager, this includes the Patcher aswell (yes, yes!)
    - more. See ChangeLog.md for the full list.

    I won't go into reading the past 10+ pages, if there are any unresolved issues or questions, feel free to post them again (or in case of issues even better: create a ticket over at gitlab, with logs included).
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