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[MODULE][TERMINAL EMU] Increase Volume Steps + UI

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Feb 22, 2016
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V4A is working for me with this mod enabled alongside it.

However the mod itself doesn't work on my HTC U11 anymore. I used to get 30 steps with USB C to 3.5mm adapter and 15 volume steps repeated twice using direct USB C headphones. Now both have 15 volume steps doubled. Hmmmm
Probably rom related, this module only sets a single prop. So, if there's some prob, I probably can't do anything ?


Feb 25, 2017
Version 1.2 working flawlessly on Oneplus 3 FreedomOS 1.7 Marshmallow and Franco kernel r6. So far this is the only functional systemless solution for increasing volume steps on op3 that I've come accross, thanks a lot!

Edit: Should have checked all the scale, not just a few levels. The steps are inconsistent and they jump levels here and there, and on the biggest levels the whole sound disappears.
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May 22, 2012
Haptic feedback or touch vibrations don't seem to work well for me when posting the back or time button. It think there might be some feedback but it's almost not noticeable. Any way to fix this with magisk or something?

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    Yep, that's just it. It increases volume steps, but it doesn't make your sound louder.
    By default, it increases vol steps by 30.
    You can customize the volume steps by doing this command in terminal emulator:
    You can then enter your choice.
    And then reboot to apply the change.


    v1 - Initial release
    v1.2 - Fixed a couple of issues
    - New UI (vol_magisk)
    - Now shows Value to be applied
    - Now shows current version and version code
    v2 - Update module template
    Put the following in a file (name doesn't really matter) in /magisk/.core/post-fs-data.d:
    setenforce 0
    That'll set SELinux to permissive at boot.

    I included the setprop for the media vol step in the file as well. It works for me and saves me from flashing the zip and running the command in terminal emulator. This might not be for everybody though.
    The command:
    setprop ro.config.media_vol_steps 30;
    Good mate

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    Thanks, this is just a test module for me. I'm new to magisk :)
    I don't use magisksu because I have a problem sticking permissive selinux status, if you know how to stick permanently permissive selinux in magisksu, please let me know and I will glad to shift to magisksu.

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    Put the following in a file (name doesn't really matter) in /magisk/.core/post-fs-data.d:
    setenforce 0
    That'll set SELinux to permissive at boot.