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Question Monthly "security patch":

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Mar 12, 2019
Recicved the update here, UK. Unfortunately it seems to have made the phone very laggy indeed! Mainly scrolling the Web, and photos. Really odd. The battery life seems worse as well, not sure what to do really..


Sep 17, 2021
updated today as well and no issues. actually seems a little faster. one other note is that after the update my battery status jumped up 1 %.

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    Still on July security one too.
    Yeah, don't hold your breath. If you are looking to get the fastest updates, then go with a Pixel Phone. Otherwise, you have to wait for not only the MFG to get it working and approved, you have to get the carriers to give their stamps. That is why these updates are anywhere from Weeks to MONTHS behind. Especially on new or "edge" devices that do not have as high of a user base as these Folding phones do. :(

    Just a fact of life and the same at the 3 carriers I have worked for (corporate, not retail).
    Very untrue. My S21ULTRA has gotten monthly updates as quick as the the pixel. There's definitely something up with the snapdragon fold3. Being behind 2 mos, there's definitely something wrong.
    Just received my September 1st update today in the US. 708mb
    Screenshot_20210929-160713_Software update.jpg
    Just got the September 1 patch - ATT in the US
    When will come at Z Fold3 the One UI 4 Beta?