[MORPH] Kspec 2.0 for CM5.0.6 - The "dwang" release [Updated May/1]

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Sep 11, 2009
NOTE: If you should notice something wrong with the morphs, or if you see that I have fallen behind in keeping up with the latest CM release, please don't post your own updated versions of the morph in this thread. This has nothing to do with "intellectual property" and everything to do with keeping track of what versions of the morph are in the wild, so that troubleshooting doesn't become a nightmare. If you have a fix, or see a problem, you can ALWAYS reach me via Google Chat, AIM, or Skype (username: neatchee), by email ([email protected]) or through the PM system on this message board. Thank you!

With brandenk's permission, I'm happy to present everyone with a MetaMorph version of his wonderful theme. You can find his full theme and all the extras he has to offer in this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=625306 That includes screenshots!

I'm creating a separate thread for the morph version because we'll be updating independently. Brandenk has kindly provided me with all the resources he uses for his theme, so there will be times where I'll be able to get the morph done before he's had a chance to do the full theme update.

Again, all credit and mad props go to brandenk for this theme! Buy him a beer!

Latest version:
Kspec Lite v2.0 for CM 5.0.6 (Thanks dwang!) - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite2.0CM5.0.6morph.zip
Kspec Kustom v2.0 for CM 5.0.6 - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecKustom2.0CM5.0.6morph.zip
+The Kustom version of this morph includes themed elements for the Camera, DeskClock, Gmail, googlevoice, Settings, and Email APKs, in addition to the framework, browser, launcher2, mms, talk, and vending changes found in the Lite version.

Kspec Lite v1.1 has been discontinued until I hear that someone actually uses it :p

Follow me on twitter to know whenever I release an update, no matter how minor! http://twitter.com/neatchee

Previous versions:
Kspec Lite v2.0 for CM and - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite2.0CM5.0.5.2morph.zip
Kspec Kustom v2.0 for CM and - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecKustom2.0CM5.0.5.2morph.zip
Patch to change the background and text color of notifications in the statusbar pulldown to match the theme (black/grey background with white text) - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/ksincr_latestnotif.zip [v3] (this will be merged into the full morph with the next update)
Kspec Lite v1.1 for CM and - Here's a version of KspecLite for people who just want it to look exactly the same as it did for the 5.0.4 series: http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite1.1CM5.0.5.2morph.zip
Kspec Lite v2.0 for CM - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite2.0CM5.0.5.1morph.zip
Kspec Kustom v2.0 for CM - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecKustom2.0CM5.0.5.1morph.zip
Kspec Lite v1.1 for CM - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite1.1CM5.0.5.1morph.zip
Kspec Lite v1.1 for CM 5.0.4[.1] - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite1.1CM5.0.4morph.zip
Kspec v1.1 restores the black background to the "apply/cancel" buttons in several apps (vending, browser, etc) and fixes several bugs. v1.1 also adds theming for text entry boxes, and other small details. Apply it and poke around to see everything! Additionally, you can find the Kspec Wallpaper morph and Kspec audio resources in the "BONUS" section of this post
Kspec Lite v1.0 for CM 5.0.4[.1] - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite1.0CM5.0.4morph.zip
Kspec 1.0 slims everything down considerably. A lot of extraneous, unchanged resources have been removed from the morph. Additionally, the black background behind the "apply/cancel" buttons at the bottom in many applications has been reverted back to stock colors by user request. I strongly recommend flashing stock CyanogenMOD before you flash v1.0 if this isn't your first time flashing Kspec.
Kspec Lite v0.7 for CM 5.0.4[.1] - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite0.7CM5.0.4morph.zip
Kspec Lite v0.7 for CM 5.0.4[.1] w/o wallpapers - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite0.7CM5.0.4morph-no_wp.zip
Kspec Lite v0.7 for CM 5.0.3[.1] - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite0.7CM5.0.3morph.zip
Kspec Lite v0.7 for CM 5.0.3[.1] w/o wallpapers - http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecLite0.7CM5.0.3morph-no_wp.zip


My favorite part of this theme is the battery icon, so I've gone ahead and made a morph for that piece only! This should work with ANY theme, ANY mod, so long as the resource names for the battery haven't been changed (and I can't imagine anyone would do that). This will DEFINITELY work on any minor revision of CM5. Enjoy!


You can find the Launcher2 morph for using the Kspec wallpapers instead of the default HTC/CyanogenMOD wallpapers here: http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecWallpapers.zip

Extract the contents of the following audio resources zip directly to your SDcard to get the Kspec ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds. http://www.ansemreport.com/Kspec/KspecAudio.zip
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May 30, 2009
WOOOOOO!!!! love the move. Thanks goes to you both!! I usually get impatient and load some other morph.


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Sep 11, 2009
dude 20 mb metamorph? r u serious?

Looks like we accidentally included a bunch of images from Launcher2 that didn't actually change. I'll get in touch with brandenk and see exactly which files I can bounce.

EDIT: The reason it was coming in at 20mb was because it included ALL of the wallpapers in Launcher2.apk. Some of them were changed for this theme, so I'm going to do the following:

I'm updating the morph to contain ONLY the wallpapers that have changed (this will knock about 10mb off the size of the zip).
I'm also posting a morph which does not contain the alternative wallpapers. This morph will be much smaller.


any way to get the battery in blue??

I should be able to do that. I'm not an actual themer, just repackaged this theme for metamorph, but I'll look into what I need to do to re-save the images required in the proper format. Look for a blue battery icon with the next release.
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Sep 11, 2009
Hey all, I'm in philadelphia at the moment. I'll have an update for 5.0.4 when I get back to new york tonight. It's already done, I just need to upload it. I'll try to get the blue battery icons done too


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Sep 11, 2009
Sound good, looking forward to it :)

Only 5.0.4 or also

These will work with .1, yes :) Generally speaking, you can usually assume that's the case with this morph. I get @cyanogen updates on my phone, so I'll make a point to edit the thread immediately if for some reason I think it won't work on a bug-fix release


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Feb 7, 2009
Awesome thanks for sharing the kspec goodies. Glad you made the battery icon a seperate metamorph as well. I'm sure a lot of people want the theme just for that. Great job overall.


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Sep 14, 2009
Thanks for keeping up on these updates! Almost had a seizure when Cy went to! LoL!


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Feb 25, 2010
Links don't work for me either, I'm getting 'host not found' DNS errors.

Edit: tried from home and the links worked, guess the office firewall must have been causing trouble...
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