Moto E20/E30/E40 Cyprus64

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Dec 31, 2021
Hi there, looks like no one as posted about the Cyprus64 series from Motorola yet.
Although the lastest (E40 came out in october). I'm actualy surprised about that, it looks like no one owns one.
Yet I bought the E40. I can definitely understand why no one has ever been interested in this phone as the Geekbench benchmark suggests; it is average at everything except for the 90hz screen that comes with it.
The why im posting this, is to ask if someone planned to port any custom recovery to it and/or started custom rom ports and/or creations. I'm also getting ''unknown cmd'' issues in fastboot mode with commands such as fastboot oem get_unlock_data etc...
Anyway , thank you for reading me i hope this will start a conversation about these new devices.

Bye y'all.

(this is my first post, sorry for any inconvenience)





Feb 27, 2021
this is what I get in the fastboot command line
when typing 'fastboot flashing unlock' and all other variations

FAILED (remote: 'Not implemet.')
fastboot: error: Command failed
All Unisoc Device Units Don't Support The Traditional Fastboot Method Which Some People Might Say It Cannot Be Unlocked, However Yes You Can Unlock It But Its Abit More Work Than Normal As You Need A Linux PC To Do Things Like getting the GET_IDENTIFIER_TOKEN For The Signature.Bin

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