Moto e6 XL2005DL swap to Moto e6 XL2005-5

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Aug 13, 2022
So I'm trying to figure out if I can swap out from xt2005dl to xl2005-5. Here is my issue. I got the Moto e6 Xl2005DL from a friend because my Moto e6 fell into the Lake well out on a boat fishing. But because of me liking the moto E6 I'm wanting to know if I can Flash the 2005-5 firmware. I know I'll still have the same IMEI as the 2005DL but I'm wanting to use it with Att because that's the service in my area now. So seeing how Att uses gsm and got rid of the cdma service is it possible. Or does someone have a better idea that I can use with Att. When I looked at the Att phone compatibility list only the Moto e6 XL2005-5 version is compatible. Any suggestions and can I do it with out bricking it. Also I have the straight talk version right now but it has the Sprint service info but nothing but WiFi is working. My friend I think installed the wrong version. But I've tried everything about to fix it. I can't root it with any fast roots iroot kingroot nothing so I'm guessing I need to flash it to make it work. Just asking before it becomes a boat anchor too. Lol. Thanks for any advice.