Moto G4 Camera, File Manager, TimeWeather widget & bootlogo

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Jan 28, 2018
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    In Moto G4 "Photos" by Google totally relpaced Moto Gallery, don't ask for this port then.
    Both the apps work only on Marshmallow or newer.

    Time Weather aka Command Center on older Motos - Flashable zip or Standalone app
    Uninstall any previous version of Command Center to avoid conflicts before installing this.

    Camera - Flashable zip (Play Store upgradable)

    Tip 1: Add the following line to your build.prop in order to enable professional mode: (thanks @iiWoodstocK)
    else you can try this package made by @hossman

    Tip 2: Enable "Save to SD" feature:
    Thanks @tee_pot and @VR.gtmini for the step by step guide.
    • Open (and backup) packages.xml from /data/system folder in QuickEdit app
    • Search with the in-built feature for com.motorola.cameraone
    • Paste <item name="android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" granted="true" flags="0" /> in/after <perms> tag
    • Save by pressing back twice and confirming Yes (Grant Root permission if asks)
    • Reboot
    else if you are an Xposed user, Marshmallow SD Fix



    Lenovo File Manager - Standalone app




    Bootlogo - Flashable zip
    I've resized it for our device
    Some of you may have noticed that Motorola has published the new camera as new app but when you open it, you'll get "Device not Supported" message.
    This zip (which basically is the one you can find at the first post without the camera apk) will make it working.
    Why making another zip then? Simply in this way you don't have to download the camera app twice.
    This procedure should work on every device but on non-moto ones (or in those custom roms where is not possible installing the old camera from the Play Store), you have to wait for the Play Store refreshing your device permissions (this may take hours or days). If you do a wipe data, you will be able to install the new camera immediatly instead.
    Just another thing about the disabled storage selection. They probably use old/proprietary APIs for storage location, I can't do much about this. This may be a good workaround though.

    EDIT: I forgot to say that on CyanogenMod, starting from 03/06/2016 nightly (on osprey and surnia), you can use the new camera without flashing anything else. Just install the new app from the Play Store.

    When I Rename Moto G3 Camera App..Mot Camera.apk to MotCamera.apk.bak... Task Failed???? Why???

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    You need to set your /system folder as writable. But at this point it's better for you using the above procedure.
    In the clock widget don't work the weather (Force close when click the setting button) moto g 1 xt1032 gen no root stock android 5.0.2

    Can someone port the file manager?
    Can you port the new file manager?
    OP Updated with File Manager port
    All these apk are supposed to work on marshmallow or newer android releases
    Is there a way to modify the APK of the Moto G4 Camera in order to force enable professional mode?
    Yes, unzip the apk, go to res/values/raw folder and open app_features.json and add your device codename to the following line:
    "device": "athene,griffin,addison"
    Zip everything again, sign the apk and it is ready for the installation.
    PS: To enable professional mode without editing the apk you have to add to your build.prop the ro.product.device property, not