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daylight video recording improved

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    Improved 1080p recording and picture quality
    root required
    Open and find media profile xml file extract it and then you can replace.
    1) open es file explorer go to device>system>etc
    2) find media_profile.xml in etc folder
    3) replace it with this media_profile.xml
    4) save and reboot.

    1) Increased photo compression quality to 100%.
    2) Increased video bitrate from 17mbps to 24 mbps can go upto 30mbps but fps drops so 24 is best.
    3) Increased audio bitrate to 14000.
    4) Increased front camera video bitrate to 20mbps.
    5) Increased memcap to twice .

    1) Better 1080p video recording from both front and back camera.
    2) Image quality of front is improved marginally.
    3) In daylight video from rear camera are best .
    4) More clear audio .
    5) In low light pictures are better than stock.
    6 ) sharp and clear video.

    1) In low light because of high bitrate video look more contrasted.
    2 ) Very small change in picture quality in daylight.
    This is screenshot of front camera video bitrate
    Same boot loop on RR

    I have updated the media profile download and try again
    I got bootloop :(

    edit: nevermind, my mistake xD
    Is this thread active
    Why do you think it's not active? Cause nobody post something?
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