Moto G5 Plus Patch November NPN25.137-92

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Dec 16, 2016
Got that in India!!!


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Aug 21, 2016
Received This update For Retin in India on 22nd dec
Everything's seems to be working fine
Better music sound from speakers
Desperately Waiting for the OREO though?

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    I've get the point, but i've downloaded from the official moto sw the -92 variant. i'll post a screen of my moto, the baseband and all the info but the build number it's the same of the -93, i attach my screen:

    The baseband between the two builds do match, though the kernel build dates are different (Dec 13 in the NPN25.137-93 build).

    Even though the firmware was official as you've flashed it and it's locked, I think NPN25.137-92 was officially deployed to retin (India) and retla (Latin America), and perhaps retbr (Brazil) whereas NPN25.137-93 was deployed to retEU (Europe, possibly UK too on the retGB channel), retUS (US) and retapac (Asia Pacific). You can flash official firmwares from other regions and they may work okay, but that usually will mean, unless it's the same build, the Motorola servers may not give you future ota updates as the build you have on your device (-92) does not match the build expected for your software channel (-93).

    However, if you're happy your device is working, then that's a good thing.

    Also, be aware that Motorola doesn't provide these firmwares officially, they're leaked. So is up to us to flash the correct build for our region.
    Can I request a screenshot of the About Phone please, showing the build version?

    Just to verify that it's NPN25.137-92 being deployed to retEU, as there's been a mention of NPN25.137-93 deployed to the EU.

    As posted below, it looks like NPN25.137-93 :)
    January update on reteu channel.
    This update has a new equalizer
    And just got it in UK, but on Belgium EU phone.
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