Moto G6 plus update?

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Feb 2, 2015
Realme GT 2
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My phone is the same as yours, with the same data you show in your image. On October 19, 2018 I continue with the security patch of March. You already could update via ota?

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Oct 19, 2018
Hi guys im planning to buy this phone, it is reciving the montly updates? my other options are, Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1 or MiA2

Go for the Nokia 7 plus or the 6.1 or any other Nokia range from medium to high. I had the Mi A2 and the screen and autonomy re disappoint. In the case of the G6 plus motorcycle I do not recommend it, it does not update updates and goes slow.


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Dec 30, 2018
Newegg has started selling Motorola Moto G6 Plus 64GB XT1926-7 Dual SIM

Any idea what update channel it is on?:confused::confused:


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Nov 16, 2013
Resurrecting this thread, I got the Pie update yesterday downloaded the 1.4 GB file and I am waiting on an news of bugs with the update. Can anyone confirm if this Update has any flaws. I am deciding if to install or not.

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    Nothing. But in Nokia I already have Android 9. Return your Motorola and buy a Nokia. I did that and I'm very happy.

    Wow .... I thought I had my AdBlock enabled
    True , got the Mrs Nokia 6 2018 nice phone as well , you claim your free Google home ? Didn't know gesture pad hid keys will try it I've only used once on different device couldn't get on with it but may have to then if only way to hide them ,lol

    With fingerprint gesture you can switch back and recent gesture. So could be a godd solution for you too.
    Within Moto application.
    Just ordered my XT-1926-7 Dual SIM Moto G6 Plus last night, scheduled for tomorrow delivery, how do you like it so far? I had the G4 Plus and there was a decent amount of development for the G4 Plus, i hope with the Plus not coming to US Shores, it still gets alot of Development (Recovery, ROOT, Custom ROMs).

    After few days of use I like it. It worth the value. Screen is good, finger print gesteures is perfect. Interface is smooth. Battery life is excellent. Moto display function is very good and can almost replace a notification led.
    Earpiece sound quality during call is not really good. Level is strong but with a lot of network noises.....may be it will be fixed in few updates.
    Not really a problem for I'm meanly using headset for calls.
    Update will not come so fast... Not like android one. My wife Nokia 7 plus received may update this afternoon.
    But bootloader is not locked and it's a real double sim+sd card...... I love that.
    Plus version not come to France too...have to order elsewhere.
    Hello guys ,
    I have a question about this Update ,
    when i took my phone on Friday , i tried to update it into 8.0.0 version , but then i turn off Wifi while update was on 15% cause i was at office.
    Now i have version 8.0.0 and i cant make this update again because i am already on 8.0.0 .
    Its possible to have this update correct with only 15% download?
    Thanks in advance

    Not sure. All G6 are already Oreo 8.0.
    You can have two versions at this time based on March or April security patch.
    You can check in system settings about phone.