Moto G7 Power Root with Magisk NOT TWRP

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Dec 17, 2015
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Aug 12, 2009
Thank you so much for your guide. I used it and succesfully rooted my XT-1955-2 RETLA after upgrading to Android 10 from 9.

It may be helpful to specify this work for Android 10 in your initial post. But regardless, thank you so much OP!
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Sep 21, 2011
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Dec 29, 2015
Just followed your tutorial to the letter. My touchscreen is disabled and now there is no service.

UPDATE:Fixed it! used TMO(T-Mobile) boot.img instead of retail whoops lol
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Dec 19, 2008
When I unlocked the bootloader on my xt1955-5, the option to check "Unlock Oem Bootloader" was not listed in the developer settings menu. This is common with newer updates but I notice most of you have not attempted to continue the process anyways ignoring this step as I did. I dont know of any reason why it would hurt to try. The worst thing I've seen happen is it responds with a fail message . Give it abl try anyways.. hopefully this helps somebody! Happy Flashing!

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    Attached is a boot logo for unlocked bootloader's that will hide the code that is displayed after installing a magisk patched bootloader.

    Unzip and install via fastboot:

    Nothing fancy, but gives bootups a cleaner look. preview2.jpgView attachment

    Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
    My intent is to prevent crying and gnashing-of-teeth

    Thanks to my retailer's very forgiving return policy I am up and happily running fully ROOTed (But after bricking two phones)

    1. Get a copy of the Factory ROM (others have posted online - so hard work done.)
    I used
    You can check which your phone is using Settings->System->About then Build Number at the bottom
    2. Open the zip and copy the boot.img to the phone
    3. Install "Magisk Manager" from Play Store
    4. Use Magisk Mangers to create a "magisk_patched.img" from the boot.img and move the magisk_patched.img to your adb fastboot folder on the PC
    5. Use fastboot to flash the magisk_patched.img
    fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img
    the _a is important
    If phone acts weird after, used bootloader to factory restore and believe it or not the magisk_patched stays flashed
    See Restore Below

    Install adb fastboot see

    UNLOCK the Bootloader
    (Motorola Mobility helps you with this but VOIDS the Factory Warranty)
    1. Boot into bootloader –
    (i). turn phone off,
    (ii). hold volume-down and power together boots to bootloader
    2. Plug phone into computer via USB-C
    3. Open command prompt window
    (i). In “type here to search” just type cmd
    (ii). Right-Click Command Prompt in pop-up and select “Run as Administrator”
    4. Test Fastboot
    (i). Type “fastboot devices” (plural) in Command Prompt Window
    (ii). It will return you phone’s ID. If it doesn’t return your device ID - your adb fastboot installation need attention, probably drivers
    5. Now type the fastboot instruction
    (i). fastboot oem get_unlock_data
    6. The Phone will return 4 values
    7. Combine all 4 values into a SINGLE string and go to
    HINT: After signing up and logging in click on SKIP this for now
    these unlock bootloader instructions with more detail are on this site
    8. Input the SINGLE string on the website (input box found below the instructions) it will email you your UNIQUE UNLOCK CODE
    You have to click Send Code and OK on the Warranty pop-up box TWICE
    9. Unlock using the fastboot command
    fastboot oem unlock UNIQUEUNLOCKCODE

    fastboot to flash
    1. Boot into bootloader – see steps #1 thru #4 above
    (i). fastboot devices
    2. Now type your fastboot instruction
    fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img

    If selecting Recovery Mode from within Bootloader (volume keys to move between, power button to select) returns
    No Command
    You have to press and hold the power button. Now press and release the volume up button but continue to hold power button
    After this, you can see a list with option of Wipe data/ factory reset

    SEE ALSO & Credit given to diversenerd
    Yeah it has a switch it says " allow bootloader to be unlocked" it's it greyed out. I switched it to on.

    If the switch doesn't allow you to move slider then it is probably encrypted by Verizon like all Verizon devices, well about 99% of their devices are nowadays. If the bootloader is indeed encrypted then there's nothing that can be done as far as I know because Verizon holds the keys to it and I've never read anything that said they have given that info up to anyone for anything. I may be wrong about this but greyed out "allow bootloader to be unlocked" is a red flag that to me mean it's encrypted and being a Verizon sold model device they're the ones who encrypted it.. Id do more research on it and if it is what I believe it may be maybe ask Verizon if they'll allow you to activate an unlocked Moto g7 power and if they say yes get an unlocked model and see about hooking it up through them but idk their policy about that they're pretty strict from what I've heard.. Worth a shot though. But if you do decide to go that route make sure lte bands and all match up to what Verizon uses , you know ... I search a bit later today and see if I can locate any more info on this model... If I do I'll send you a message with links.

    Edit added:
    ***Just reread your replies ..
    If you switched it to allow bootloader unlocking then I'd proceed with unlocking it and see what happens. I thought you meant it didn't allow to move the switch. If I was in your shoes I'd proceed with the unlocking bootloader. It will either work or it won't. Just remember it does delete all your data ..
    Okay, but do you know if it matters if I have the model number XT1955-6? This thread tutorial says it works for all models and variants but it only has download links for XT1955-5, does the model number really matter?
    As i stated the first step is get the unlock code. Then you can unlock the bootloader. Which means you can root it. Since it says all i assume it will work either way you can post in that thread. First i suggest you search it for your model or carrier.
    Well I also stayed on the phone with Motorola for an hour and explained everything. They said that phone cant be unlocked and they dont have the power to create me a code because Verizon having them come locked. They kinda each blamed each other. I should have 3 wayed them I guess lol