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Dec 9, 2015
Hi All

Today I am releasing Moto X Play (India) Official Marshmallow 6.0 OTA ZIP File. This was released by Motorola for Indian Version of Moto X Play. Get your hands dirty and share your feedback. :D:laugh::D:D

Mega -!KVB3wSyb!_Wdce9oQOcKGPeXl26GLsgftwnanDTq-QZ9TRhdJprA
Dropbox -
Google Drive - [Credit For Google Drive URL - @amitnvis]
GitHub - [Credit For GitHub Link - MastahF]

This OTA Update can be applied ONLY on Android 5.1.1 Build LPD23.118-10 and will be updated to Android 6.0 Build MPD24.65-18. Users who have Android 5.1.1 Build LPD23.118-32 have to wait for OTA from Motorola OR get the update from Moto Care Service Centre.

Filename :
MD5 : 97de580ffa00578e79ef0b1d1cf9ace1
SHA1 : f778fabf0822f943aabc6d7382f1df97bdb25709
CRC32 : 65ab8e6f
SHA-256 : 57fc7c74288eb2e9b01b9e175f32f2cf49c4cbd5311289a77ab7963da2f71ff6
SHA-512 : 786b9fb8398a14b201a4b97c8a4c3e68884137b97eaae653d2ea7512bde01377c32a672b4caae5cf36d7cb351bd011c083c7efe70e4bca72c4da02b6e10b973a
SHA-384 : e460d760ec1a8ffaf50ec6c2a46011c43049aa900cc65194f8f0e73a570dfe66ca39658614a7e8575376bec6021eae56
Modified Time : 12/9/2015 12:58:28 AM
Created Time : 12/9/2015 12:51:13 PM
File Size : 611,237,778
File Version :
Product Version :
Identical :
Extension : zip
File Attributes : A
Model : Indian XT1562 100% [ Unsure if it will be compatible with other regions and variations of handset ]

This has to be used on Android 5.1.1 to upgrade to Android 6.0! You will not get any update notification in Android 6.0 for this update BUT will get for any newer builds. This is OFFICIAL FINAL UPDATE. So don't post comments again like "Will i get update notification after applying this update". Why will you be notified by Motorola to apply same update that you have already applied ?

New Update Adding VoLTE Support Can Be Found At

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Dec 9, 2015
Steps To Update To Android 6

Save the downloaded file to Root of SD Card and follow instructions :

Method 01 [Reported By Many Users]

Just Save the downloaded file to Root of SD Card [External Memory Card and not Internal Memory] and go to Settings --> About Phone --> System Updates. Update will be auto recognized and user will be prompted to apply update. In case update is not recognized and do not get any update prompt, then try Method 02.

Method 02 :

  1. With the phone powered off, press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time until the device turns on.
  2. Press the Volume Down button to highlight "Recovery mode"
  3. Press the Power button to restart into Recovery mode.
  4. You'll see an image of an Android robot with a red exclamation mark.
  5. While holding down the Power button, press the Volume Up button.
  6. Phone will auto reboot to Recovery Mode.
  7. Using Volume Down Button highlight Apply update from SD Card and press Power Button.
  8. From the contents of SD Card Listed, using Volume Up / Down button select dowloaded .zip File and press Power Button.

Updatation Process will start. It will take about 30 Mins to complete updatation.
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Nov 26, 2011
Thanks, I confirm that is impossible to download the file neither from the browser or from the mega plugin. I'm connencting from Europe.
This can be installed on the moto x play eu version or I need to flash the original India Firmware first? I've an non-rooted moto x play.


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Jan 29, 2009
I finally downloaded file from mega. But I dont know what to do.
My build is:
23.21.10.lux_reteu.reteu.en.EU reteu

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