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Feb 20, 2011
Just one minor bug is there (from a long time) -- in themes dark / blue - menu looks good , but some notifications are unreadable due to poorly choosen colors ( dark blue on black eg.) . I know that I can use Substratum but I prefer do not mess too much in system .

Any chance for fix ?

For that you should ask @TheRingMaster_GzR since he is the boss and maker of those themes. I personally use substratum and i don't have any problems with it so far.
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May 11, 2011
Smart pixels feature is very interesting :D ....

What's that smart pixel..? Where is it ? How it works ?

Sorry for so many questions :crying:

Notification and ringtone mutes randomly .... Reboot is the solution ( Smart notification in WalvesDen is set to default only .... But still this thing happens randomly )
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Feb 20, 2011
Could you tell me any good dark / black substratum theme ? Close to Omni dark themes .
AospUI subs theme is very good. Also swift black, and my personal favourite is flux.

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What's that smart pixel..? Where is it ? How it works ?

Sorry for so many questions :crying:

Notification and ringtone mutes randomly .... Reboot is the solution ( Smart notification in WalvesDen is set to default only .... But still this thing happens randomly )
Weird, it seems i can't reproduce this.

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    The All-In-One thread for Ground Zero ROMs - Validus, Tesla, and Tipsy

    Brought to you by :

    Ground Zero ROMs

    About the ROMs :

    Validus is GZ-AOSP (AOSP+CAF) based with a Dark Wolfie theme with full OMS support and has a lot of features.
    Tesla is GZ-AOSP based with full OMS support Features list link here.
    Tipsy is based on Slim with full OMS support. Features list link here

    Useful links:

    GZR G+ Community

    Substratum G+ Community

    Substratum Theme Compilation, which includes Tipsy Status Bar overlays, thanks to Jimmy Setiawan

    Theme Ready and TBO apps:

    Pete's GZR TWRP 3.0.4.x Themes

    Pete's GZR Telegram Desktop Themes

    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about 
    * features included in these ROMS before flashing it! 
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, 
    * and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, 
    * unfortunetly; we will laugh at you.
    * we are not blind building, 
    * these builds are tested before releases 

    Installation Instructions

    1. Make sure you have a working recovery and a nandroid backup

    2. Download the ROM.

    3. Reboot to recovery.

    4.Wipe everything! system/data/cache partitions (except internal storage indeed!)

    7. Flash the ROM.

    Optional- Flash 7.x GApps.

    8. Reboot and let it settle a while...

    Never dirty flash from one rom to another!

    SuperSU will no longer be required on builds with Magisk, as these are rolled out, you will be notified

    Substratum support is there as long as you have latest Substratum app.

    If you have any issues, grab a log after a clean flash, upload and link here please. Add steps to reproduce the issue in your post.
    Do not report issues dirty flashing this over some random build or with some kernel flashed other than built-in one.

    Check there as reference How to get useful logs

    Also...Logcat Extreme app is great as you can choose to start recording a log just before reproducing an error and stop recording just after so you log just the part you need.

    Xposed is not supported here, if you want to run it and have issues, try an Xposed thread for support and bug reports here only welcome with a clean install with no Xposed present.

    Make sure to state which rom you are running when asking for support and build's date.

    Dynamic Gapps

    Open Gapps


    releases mostly happening weeklies style and on sundays.

    Validus :

    Nougat downloads folder link

    Tesla :

    Nougat downloads folder link

    Tipsy :

    Nougat downloads folder link (7.1.1+7.1.2)

    GZR Telegram Updates Channel

    Source Code:


    authorship of the commits is kept, here are the sources if you need it.
    Validus Addison tree source
    Tesla Addison tree source
    Tipsy Addison tree source

    Addison kernel source

    Vendor sources

    i need few features ready out of the box on kernel side, wich means i will soon start adding features to it, also planning to try multirom if no one else already did, i badly need that thing :D


    Ground Zero Roms, ROM for the Moto Z Play ☆Addison☆

    TheRingMaster_GzR: GZR Lead Developer/Founder, Shamu maintaineer of Validus and...Themer!
    fraz14: Tesla dev , Shamu maintaineer of Tesla
    martinusbe the other GZR (frunk) Lead Developer, kernel dev ; and founder of TipsyOs.
    premaca ROMs contributor, kernel dev,
    Char_G: Google+ moderator/helper, she's using a BIG hammer; beware.
    Alx31: Addison GZR maintaineer+Shamu maintaineer of Tipsy + rom contribution

    Google for aosp code, Code Aurora Forums (CAF), Slim team,
    Big thanks to: Dirty Unicorns/AICP/Omni/Krexus/CrDroid and all other roms with their open sources we cherry-picked from i may have forgotten...
    Also a big thanks to Alberto97 wich did initial device bringup, so it includes kernel device and vendors.

    Another big thanks to our GFX guyz as @scoobyjenkins Dodd, Los etc etc; all our maintaineers for the other supported devices our G+ moderators...a big family we are and proud of it!

    we usually release on weekly basis; and on sundays mostly. for "during the week" test builds and being added to gzr testers chat on tg pm me.
    And... Flash dat sh#t! :D

    Note: This thread will be moved to Custom ROM Central section then in GZR Roms section in few weeks.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    GZR Roms for Moto Z play., ROM for the Moto Z Play

    Alx31, TheRingMaster_GzR, martinusbe, fraz14
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    Based On: aosp(gzosp tesla and validus)_slim (tipsy)

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2017-04-25
    Last Updated 2017-05-07
    -blobs updated thanks to @Alberto97
    -enforcing kernel
    -some new features

    thanks to @erfanoabdi and @vache for helping me with some issues

    Validus Addison 2.1 stable is here

    -latest updates by Alberto97
    -sources synced

    Only have to use hardware button cuz a lil touch bug on rom boot selector screen to fix but works perfect :laugh:

    And gzr twrp/twrp mr themes coming soon too from @fraz14

    MultiRom plz.
    Validus 1.7 Official is here!

    Here it is, after a long time, addison is again official.


    Enjoy and leave your feedback :)