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[Moto Z3 Play (XT1929-8)] Downgrade from LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) to stock (Android 9)

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New member
Apr 7, 2021
Hello Everyone,

after half a year of using LineageOS 18.1 I wanted to come back to the stock rom (as I wanted to give the phone to somebody else). I was using LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) and wanted to go back to stock (Android 9) - this one: click!

Downgrade went well, however afterwards I noticed WiFi connection is not working there, I found a similar problem described here but I checked the:
- /persist/rfs/msm/mpss/dhob.bin
- /persist/rfs/msm/mpss/shob.bin
files are there on my phone and it is not working anyway.

Once it did not work on a stock rom I deployed LineageOS 18.1 again to see whether it will be OK there and yes, it is fine. From what I have already read I think that MAC and IMEI information have been encrypted in some other way under Android 11 and now Android 9 is not able to read them.

I did not find any solution for this but maybe somebody knows it, please let me know then.

If it will not be possible I will keep LineageOS 18.1, I wanted to come back to stock to make usage of Google Pay easier as I am not sure when MagiskHide will stop working.