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Apr 15, 2008
If something bad happens with that exploit there is going to be a massive series of class action suits against all the manufacturers that locked the phones down so we cannot even provide our own security updates. They WILL lose too. Even a first year law student can tell you that.


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Feb 1, 2010

David Schuster is the guy working on the updates for the motorola devices, like our Hazou but hired by motorola.

now, please, can a mod close this thread until further info? the last 10 pages where about useless crap and offtopic.

Thank's for this report! I expet that it will not be aborded.
But well it's the first good point from a lot of time with the work of hazou too.


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Aug 30, 2011
But fair play to moto as look at this post I made on page 21 so not all info from the chat team is rubbish :just saying:

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Dec 19, 2011
For y'all haters


This device will be upgraded to KitKat (Android 4.4.2)

Do you have the latest Motorola software? Find out.

Its official.

Must say, this "update about the update" came after a post from David Schuster on Google Plus, when answering a guy about an official position about Razr i update ( ) (error: too many about's on one sentence :) )

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    I come back here every once and a while to see if it might be worth plugging in my formerly beloved RAZR i - to no avail. Incredible to realize that NINE months ago when I switched to iPhone we were still wondering when/if we would ever get kitkat update. My iPhone has received five updates in that time and is now solid beyond belief and will be updated regularly for at least the next three years. The Android update model is broken.

    Please, take you're icrap and shove it up somewhere so freaking far we wont hear a word from you here again about you're **** phone. Thanks!
    Please stop posting already which phone you bought instead of Razr I...cause we don't give a ****...This thread is dedicated to Motorola Razr I and the upcoming Android 4.4 update
    Yes,we are all disappointed from Motorola and their slow and half assed support move on and post some actual news regarding the topic
    Had enough of waiting Moto G will be With me tomorrow.

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    Good for you! :good:
    You get the almost same experience in terms of performance.
    Minus: sd card slot, and maby more poor battery life. I don't think anybody cares about you decided to throw money at something not even worth the upgrade.

    wasn't this thread supposed to be about news for the kitkat update only, and not for you all to whine because you can't wait.
    Motorola will release the kitkat update in the beginning of october. i guess at the end of the first week in oct, everyone should have become the update.
    source: facebook page of motorola germany

    Liebe RAZR HD- und RAZR i-Besitzer, wir freuen uns folgende Neuigkeit mit euch zu teilen: Ihr werdet euer lang erwartetes Update Anfang Oktober erhalten, beginnend mit dem Update für RAZR HD und bald danach für alle RAZR i-Benutzer. Sobald sie ausgerollt werden, werden wir es auf dieser Seite verkünden, also schaut immer mal wieder vorbei! Vielen Dank für eure Geduld! Euer Motorola-Team

    Translated to english:

    Love RAZR HD and i RAZR owners, we are pleased to inform us the following news with you: You will receive your long awaited update in early October, starting with the update for RAZR HD and soon after that for all i RAZR users. Once they are rolled out, we will announce it on this page, so check back from time to time over again! Thank you for your patience! Your Motorola team
    Ok folks, it's time to show some tears of happiness. I found this on a Brazilian Motorola's post about Moto X


    I'll translate it:
    Some guy say:
    "I'm waiting the Razr I update to Android 4.2"

    And Motorola Brasil replies:
    "Fabrício, keep calm. The Razr I will be updated, but to a version above Jellybean. We will post more informations as soon we have it"

    Here is the post link:

    This surely make my day
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