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Nov 18, 2012
I have the Verizon Moto Z Droid Force phone. Will this tool work on it? I have installed the ADB and Fastboot drivers. I have the tool installed as well. Debugging is on. When I try to get phone info, I get adb is not r, adb is not recognized as ar, and other adb errors. I have confirmed that the drivers are installed. I also clicked OEM unlocking on my phone. I don't know where to go from here. Maybe my phone isn't supported?
I think verizon mobile don't let you to unlock your bootloader without which this tool will not work
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Nov 18, 2012
@hard91, will this work for a Motorola Electrify M?

Though the Motorola site has it listed to be able to Unlock but, when i go through their steps, i receive an error and just get frustrated... Oy Vey!!!

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You need bootloader key otherwise this will not work
You need bootloader key otherwise this will not work

I see...

The steps for unlocking the bootloader, that the Motorola website outlines, provides an unlock code to submit to them whereas they send an email back with that key file (you just mentioned). When I attempted to perform the steps, i just get an error at the part where it supposed to provide the code to send them.

I will have to try calling them. That device is an older model and is carrier unlocked too.

Thanks anyways!

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Jul 1, 2015
XT1650-2 Not Recognized

I have tried everything. I installed your drivers, Intels ADB an outside Fastboot and the Motorola Suite. When I run the program, it cannot find my phone when I hit device information. I moved your program to the folder with ADB and I get this error. ****3P6XCW unauthorized
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    MOTO All-In-one Tool

    Supported Model:
    1. Any Motorola device to Flash Stock ROM ( except mtk chipset devices like moto e3)

    1. Windows OS
    2. STOCK ROM For flashing.
    3. SuperSu.zip for rooting.
    4. Bootloader Key to unlock bootloader.
    5. Stock Recovery for flashing.

    *In next Post

    1. You tell :confused::cyclops:

    1. Flashing stock ROM on any Motorola Device (Any model).
    2. Root through SuperSu.zip.
    3. custom recovery.
    4. Bootloader lock and unlock (Required bootloader key).
    5. Flashing logo.bin to remove bootloader warning message.
    6. sideload any zip/ROM.
    7. Installing ADB & mfastboot driver.

    Please don't add direct download link in your [email protected] or in your website. if you want to add in your thread then
    First ask me for permission and after that mention me in your thread and instead of giving download link, direct them to this page for downloading.

    Please rate this thread to 5 * so that this tool can be published on XDA Portal

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Moto All-In-one Tool, Tool/Utility for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2016-09-17

    Created 2016-09-17
    Last Updated 2016-11-02

    Link: MOTO ALL-IN-ONE v2.5
    Downloaded: 40,300 times
    Thanks for liking my work that much

    change Note:
    1. Flashing Stock ROM For moto Z model updated.
    2. Links in log file for this post updated.

    change Note:
    1. Log File added.
    2. while Flashing STOCK ROM, GUI will not hang.
    3. For every button script used is added in log file.
    4. windows tray icon with message popup added
    5. Links for update and SuperSu.zip added.

    1. GUI Hangs if you are loading a heavy zip in sideload process(will fix in next update.)

    Previous Release:
    1. MOTO ALL-IN-ONE TOOL v 2.0 Downloaded 4,400 times
    2. MOTO ALL-IN-ONE TOOL v 1.1 a (Driver button Fix) Downloaded 10,280 times
    3. MOTO ALL-IN-ONE TOOL v 1.0 Downloaded 1,000 times

    Ask me for mirror on any website
    Please don't mirror my work as I constantly monitoring my no of downloads which gives me energy to give you constant updates.​
    How to Section

    How to Section
    How to Install Driver
    1. Click on Driver.
    2. Now Click on ADB & mfastboot Drivers.
    3. Now just click Next> Next> button.
    4. Do not change Installation directory.
    5. After installations please make sure mfastboot.exe, fastboot, adb etc Files are present in installation directory.
    6. Done.

    Note: Above section is very very important without it this tool will not work.

    How to Phone Info
    1. Please ensure you have installed ADB & mfastboot Drivers from Driver page.
    2. Enable USB debugging option under settings of your Mobile.
    3. If there is any Message appears on mobile screen which require authentication to connect PC then click on remember option and Press Ok.
    4. Now Click on ADB Devices button. It will show connected device and its serial No.
    5. Now click on Get Phone Info to get Information Regarding Phone you currently connected with.
    6. Done!

    How to Flash STOCK ROM (fastboot flashable) and recover from bricked moto device.
    1. Click on Flasher.
    2. If you are not in fastboot mode then click on AUTO Button under Reboot into Bootloader Group Box. If you are in mobile bricked stage then manually boot into bootloader.
    3. Click on browse button. It will open a dialog to select STOCK fastboot Flashable ROM
    4. Go to the path where your STOCK ROM is placed.
    5. On selecting STOCK ROM Directory it will show its path under STOCK ROM Path Group Box.
    6. If all the basic files are present in the directory then Flash button is enabled otherwise it will give error and show missing files and Disable Flash Button.
    7. Select whether you want to lock bootloader or Un-lock bootloader (if bootloader is previously unlocked it will not lock it).
    8. Click on Flash button.
    9. See Log window.
    10. When progress bar reaches to 100% it will show Flashing Done!
    11. Your phone will now reboot automatically.
    12. Flashing Done!

    Note: First boot take 5-10 min. So don’t worry.

    How to Flash Stock/Custom Recovery

    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Under Flash recovery Group box click on Browse button.
    3. Select your Recovery (twrp, cwm, Stock etc) from opened dialog box.
    4. It will show your selected file path in Path line.
    5. Click on Flash.
    6. Done!

    How to Flash custom ROM or Zip using Sideload
    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Under side Load Group box click on Browse button.
    3. Select your custom ROM or any fastboot flashable Zip file from opened dialog box.
    4. It will show your selected file path in Path line.
    5. Click side load.
    6. Done!

    How to Root any MOTO Device
    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Under Root Group box click on Browse button.
    3. Select supersu.zip path from opened dialog box.
    4. It will show your selected file path in Path line.
    5. Click on Root.
    6. Your Phone will reboot into custom recovery which you flashed previously.
    7. Under custom recovery click on INSTALL > SDCARD (Internal) > select superuser.zip which you selected in 3rd step.
    8. Rooting Done!

    NOTE: You have to flash custom recovery first in order to Root.

    How to Lock Bootloader
    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Under Lock/Unlock Boot-loader Group box.
    3. Click on Lock Button.
    4. Done!

    NOTE: There is no need of bootloader unlock key while locking bootloader.

    How to Unlock Bootloader
    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Under Lock/Unlock Boot-loader Group box.
    3. Enter 20 digit bootloader key.
    4. Click on Un-Lock.
    5. Done!

    How to get Unlock Bootloader Key
    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Click on get Moto Key button.
    3. It will restart your phone into fastboot and wait for device to respond.
    4. A message box will open Read it carefully.
    5. Click on show info and copy that string.
    6. Now Click on OK to go to MOTO website.
    7. Login to the website and paste previously copied string where motorola website say.
    8. And click on can I unlock my bootloader?.
    9. If yes then you will get Bootloader key in your Email inbox.
    10. Now paste above 20 digit bootloader key into Under Lock/Unlock Boot-loader Group box.
    11. Click on unlock bootloader button.
    12. Done!

    NOTE: Please note that all the MOTO Models do not support unlocking bootloader like phones under AT &T and other contract phone. This tool is not created by Rajnikant or Superman. Hence this tool can only automate the adb commands that are used to get bootloader string and unlock bootloader. This tool will not do any kind of magic to unlock your contract Moto device.

    How to Remove Bootloader Warning Message
    1. Click on Root/ Recovery.
    2. Under Flash Logo Group box click on Browse button.
    3. Select logo.bin file downloaded from your mobile XDA form.
    4. It will show your selected file path in Path line.
    5. Click on Flash.
    6. Done!

    You Have to Download each and every File from your respective XDA Form
    F.A.Q Section

    Frequently Asked Question

    1. Why I am not Replying to your bug reported?
    Ans. Because you Quote my whole thread which irritates me.

    2. I have XYZ moto device with XYZ Model will your TOOL Unlock my bootloader?
    Ans. Please read my how to section and my first post where in Prerequest section I have clearly written that for Unlocking bootloader You need a bootloader key and if your mobile is under any contract which donot let you unlock bootloader then this tool will not work. but if your bootloader can be unlocked then you can use my tool to get bootloader string to paste it in moto website to get 20 digit key.

    3. I am not getting reply from Tool ?
    Ans. 1. Check whether you have installed drivers.(from driver groupbox)
    2.Check your usb-debugging option is enabled and you gave permission on your mobile to remember this PC.
    3.Check whether path of the installed drivers is present in your environment variable under PATH, if not present then append it (followed by ;)

    4 How To report a bug?
    Ans. First be polite,mention me in your comment via @hard91 and Give me detail like Mobile Name(MOTO E,E2015,G,G+ etc) and MODEL (XT 1022, XT 10XX etc), and in next line give your bug Details. and what is possible solution you want and you think.

    5. WOW your Tool is great and it works for me how can I help you?
    Ans. You can HIT thanks button on my this POST and other posts which helped you and PLEASE TELL ME YOUR MODEL(XT1022 ETC) AND MOBILE NAME(moto E,G,G+,X,PLAY ETC),YOUR COUNTRY AND STATE
    Reserved For Bug update

    Bugs and change note