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Jan 18, 2015
Hi everyone
I'm not sure the section is correct, but in the Motorola section I didn't find the dedicated section and I didn't find a Generic Motorola section
I asked if there is news for the rooting and modding for the Motorola Moto G82 5G which I intend to purchase. The international name is likely to be different, but I was unable to find it

Sorry for my English, I use an online translator


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May 1, 2012
Did you pass SafetyNet ?

Are you able to record calls with Moto G82 ? Natively or with BCR:
Basic Call Recorder

After rooted Gpay working ok.

I not check later - its new update google because later i broken my telephone after lock bootlader again

I hope to service reparied becaue program from motorolola website not can
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Dec 21, 2018
Hi there. I have a strange problem here. I want to use VPN but going to network settings the VPN option is missing. And using search in settings dont help. When trying to use apps like blokada, or adaway, the VPN network request is not showing and so I cant use anything related to VPN.

There is a way to enable VPN functionality on this phone?

Edit: The VPN functionality apears after 24hs from first use of phone.
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Dec 21, 2018
I unlocked bootloader and having root working on magisk 25. Now... there is a way of secure my phone against data breach trough recovery? Relocking the bootloader is dangerous as I can see. But if I disable USB debugging, the access to fastboot commands will be blocked? (And my phone secure again?)


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Feb 25, 2022
Redmi K20 Pro
Thinking of getting a G82, but would like to see some development activity here on XDA.
I'm the same, I don't know whether to buy it or not, I don't know whether to save more money for another phone or if this is enough, it depends a lot on whether or not there is development here on xda, at the moment there is almost nothing haha I will have to wait I guess


Aug 29, 2012
Yeah, most mods work. As usual, some work better than others. BSG mods work straight from the box. So far there are no dedicated XML config files for MotoG82, coz no users bothered to share one.
GCam can give very good results on this phone, depending on light conditions. As for me I prefer stock app because it's just so good and I like photos more than those snapped by GCam. Some folks claim certain mods are ideal for selfies. A matter of taste, I suppose.


Aug 2, 2011
Just a couple of things re- Moto G82

i unlocked bootloader and via Magisk rooted etc added a couple modules BCR call recorder which needs root, it works well but sometimes after rebooting opr going in fastboot/bootloader with vol + pwr button the Magisk modules need to be re-switched on again.

Anyway i cant download the new security firmware OTA updates are failing i get this on phone

( software not updated to S1SUS32.
download failed 01 february 2023 at 17.21 )

with the Motorola/Lenovo RSA Rescue and Smart Assistant

i downloaded the firware, RHODEP_G_S1SUS32.73_112_2_3

A great tool (thanks to serg gangubas )

** i have not done this yet

install the Motoflash Pro program....................then

start the Motoflash Pro program ( it has the adb & fastboot binaries in the programs install folder ) select the flashfile.xlm from the firmware folder the Motoflash Pro program converts it to flash.bat file automatically and runs thro the whole chain of command installing new firmware it should reboot, or may be prompted.

There are other methods but this Motoflash Pro seems to have everything you need ie the fastboot & adb, the albity to convert the flashfile.xlm to flashfile.bat then run all the commands without the need to type or copy/paste in etc etc.

What i am not certain of is, whether the above Lenovo Motorola firmware downloaded from the official site
has the security update included ??? or is it only a new firmware version.

my current version is S1SUS32.

awaiting Custom Rom or TWRP

i am enjoying the Moto G82 phone so far.

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