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[Moved] [ARM64][GApps] BiTGApps Q 10.0.0

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Sep 25, 2017
Hi All.

Welcome to the official BiTGApps Q (Android 10) Release thread!
A new custom GApps package which contain minimal, But all the required Google Application.
BiTGApps support, additional features like Battery Optimization for GMS Core and its component!

BiTGApps does NOT have a website. Do NOT download or follow installation instructions from unofficial sites.

• Minimal install.
• Optimized APK files.
• Battery optimization for all system installed Google apps.

• GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
• GoogleExtShared
• LocationHistoryPrebuilt
• AndroidPlatformServices
• ConfigUpdater
• GoogleExtServicesPrebuilt
• GoogleServicesFramework
• Phonesky (Playstore)
• PrebuiltGmsCoreQt (GooglePlayService)
Addon Package
• Available soon !!!
Android Version Support
• Android Q (10.0.0)

Android Arch Support
• arm64

Support Partition Type
• A-only & A/B

SAR and Non SAR Support
• Support both SAR and Non SAR type installation.
Read more about SYSTEM-AS-ROOTclick here.

General Information
The zip does not hold any allow-in-powersave configuration. This means now you can optimize all the Google applications. Power Hungry application such as GooglePlayService can be optimized too. I did not include any GoogleSetupWizard, GoogleHome application in my GApps Package. You don't need to Signin or Check Updates on first boot. Sometimes you can't skip Google login on first boot, to prevent this i removed unnecessary Setupwizard application and applications related to it.

• Updates are weekly or monthly.

Installation Instructions
• Install ROM.
• Install BiTGApps zip (For A/B Devices you need to change Slot).
• Reboot.
• Note : Requires Clean Flash, if OpenGApps are installed.

• Available soon !!!

• Installation failed ! Follow below steps.
• Grab file recovery.log when in TWRP recovery.
• Grab installation files from /cache/bitgapps.

Guide To Optimize GApps in Android 10 ROMs
Pie ROMs prevent Google Apps optimization for battery. So whenever you do OPTIMIZE, it fallbacks to Not OPTIMIZED.
Follow below steps
• Install Terminal Emulator application from Google's Playstore.
• Open it.
• Type 'su' without quotes.
• Type 'pm.sh' without quotes.
• Done.
Additional Optimizations
• APK optimization through Zipalign Tool.
• Application database optimization though Sqlite tool.
A) Re-aligned APKs through Android Studio Zipalign tool.
B) Re-optimize APKs with 32-bit alignment.
C) Enable memory page alignment for shared object files.
D) Re-compress APKs using Zopfli Zipalign compression.
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Bro is there any way to include setupwizard??
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