Do you prefer odex or deodex?

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Jan 8, 2012
Great work friend ! Is it possible to make an " undo " / " uninstall " flashable zip for this ? And also I use cm7 with ext4 partition with int2ext+. Is it safe for me to use it ?

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With int2ext+ you'll end up in a bootloop as the OP says
delete dalvik of system and framework from data
, so in theory it'll bootloop. Need confirmation on this theory though, I may be wrong :silly::eek:

Paul Koty

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Apr 28, 2013
Hi, what is the best way with this script for save battery and quick system? Can I use INT2EXT+ with EXT4 for ext memory? Thanks so much :good:


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Feb 21, 2011
great work
tried with cm 10.1 and int2ext, all works fine
first run of dexo -all forgot 3 apps: Phonesky.apk, Mms.apk ans Settings.apk, running dexo -all a second time fixes it
(i had only 45 mb free in system, maybe this was the reason)
after that i run dexo -dat, worked without problems
app starting seems faster now
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Nov 9, 2012

New Update! :)


Universal Odex Version 6.2
- Added 1 New Command To Odex Your Rom
> Now You Can Odex:
+ Only Specific Preload Apps ('dexo -cpa')
- Fixed Minor Bug
- Rewritten Script
- Changed Command 'dexo -psa' In 'dexo -pa'
- Added Controll Of Free Space In System
- Added New Command To Activate Log
> Type 'dexo -(one of the option that you have decided) -log'
- Removed 'fixbox' Script Because Now There Aren't Necessary Symlink Of BusyBox
- Added Check Of Root Permission
- Updated Command 'dexo -all' To Odex Also Preload Apps

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