Moving game's data to SD card and rooting

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New member
Jun 26, 2022
Hi! I'm new here. I'd like to ask several questions.

1. I have a rooted phone with xposed installed and I want it to be able to move game's data to SD card particularly data files. I heard that Obb on SD could do the job but could they also detect Android/data not just obb? Because that's where all modern games kept their data.

2. I have a non-rooted phone MITO A35 (Android Pie) and I want it to be rooted but it seems twrp doesn't support my phone. I searched for rooting without twrp but finding my device boot.img is quite hard. Is there any way other than twrp or fastboot PC to root?

Thanks in advance.
For the first one if the phone is running a android version under 4.4.4 then you arent gonna be able to move apps to the SDCard if you are running anything more recent it already has it built in.
For the second you might aswell try those click to root apps, I know it isnt really the best option but it still works if you succeed you might aswell use one of those flash root apps to flash your twrp.