Mp4ForHD v2.9f (Mp4 Video Converter for Hand-held Devices)

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Mar 9, 2007
Two weeks ago I made a little application to convert any input video to MP4 compatible with our HD Touch HD.
At the beginning it was only for spanish people. It has been grown and now it's a big aplication and I want to share it with english spoken people.

Version 2.9f:
- Now you can choose audio track in VOB files and Dual audio AVI files.
- Two new resolutions added: IPad and IPhone 4G
- A few bugs solved in SmPlayer previews

Version 2.9e:
- Now supports drag&drop. You can drop files from Explorer.

Version 2.9d:
- Four new resolutions added: 1080i: 1920x1080 | 720p: 1280x720 | Satio: 640x360 | ZuneHd: 480x272

Version 2.9c:
- Added a new video size 376x240 (IPod Nano 5G)
- Added a new profile: IPod_Nano
- Added Russian language

Version 2.9b:
- A new codec added "XVID avi". With this, you can now convert to avi files (not only mp4 files)
- Now video quality 'very high' is two times Normal Quality (before 1.5 times). It makes max quality is now 1600 kbps (before 999 kbps)
- Support for MOD video files (JVC cams)
- Added a new video size 768x576 (JVC cams)
- Added two new profiles: HD2 (for HTC HD2) and JVC (for JVC cams)

Version 2.9:
- Now uses SmPlayer (a graphic interface of MPlayer) as Standard Player to Play and preview videos.
- Modifies registry for assign Mp4ForHd as optional player for all supported video file extensions (added to 'open with' option in explorer).

Version 2.8c:
- Now supports 3gp files
- A new output video size, for standard mobiles: 176x144
- A new profile for that output resolution: Samsung

Version 2.8b:
- Now you can play any video with this program. In explorer, you must click right button of the mouse, and choose 'open with - Choose program.. - Mp4ForHD.exe'. Any video plays with MPlayer, no codecs required.
- Swedish language added

Version 2.8:
- Now in PSP conversions, if you choose X264 2pass, it really makes in two passes.
- Removed in options 'ProgressBar Method', because now it's unnecesary.

Version 2.7d:
- You can split a MP4 video file into another without reencoding. To use it, open a MP4 file and choose start and end positions. Then the 'Join Mp4' button changes to 'Split Mp4'.

Version 2.7c:
- Support for Turkish characters in subtitles (charsets cp1254 and ISO-8859-9)

Version 2.7b:
- Support for Traditional Chinese subtitles (CP950)

Version 2.7:
- Added priority support for encoding process (Idle, Normal, High and RealTime)
- Includes some example profiles (HD, HD TV Series, Diamond, IPhone, Omnia, QVGA and PSP)
- Added support for Chinesse subtitles
- Deutsch language actualiced

Version 2.6c:
- Now shows correctly the final resolution and the final video bitrate in the pending video queue. It didn't work since 2.6 version.
- A few new charsets for subtitles added.

Version 2.6b:
- 3 news charset for subtitles (cp1250,cp1251 and latin2). Cp1250 solves problem with letters š,č,ć,ž,đ.
- Solved bug that window was always on top.

Version 2.6:
- You can change drive vhere temp dir is. As default it uses unit where program is installed.
- A few remaining messages in Spanish have been changed.
- Some lng files have been renamed to avoid problem with installer in Vista (Español->Spanish, Català->Catala, Français->French)

Version 2.5c:
- Two new sizes in srt subtitles (6.5 and 7)
- Another minor bugs.

Version 2.5b:
- In Buttons without text (select,save,load,etc), is showed a Hint. Other esthetic changes.
- Danish language added

Version 2.5:
- You can select an external subtitle (srt), also in dvd, vobs and mkvs.
- Profile settings (max.resolution, codec, etc) in a new form, not in Options form.
- Autosave current pendent video queue when program exit. Autoload the next time that program is executed.
- You can save or load pendent video queue.
- If you cancel a conversion, video returns to pendent queue.

Version 2.4b:
- "Loss Quality when an importart change of frame" bug solved in X264 2 pass.
- Now subtitles in mkv videos runs correctly.
- In the edit form, the program shows the calculated videofile size in MB.
- Now in the edit form, you can change codec and max.resolution.

Version 2.4:
- Now you can encode video with ffmpeg.exe as well as mencoder.exe. It makes compatible videos with PDA and PSP. Some videos that didn't convert with mencoder, now can be encoded with ffmpeg. Ffmpeg doesn't support srt subtitles, dvd support, neither delay audio.
- You can select number of processors/threads. It's useful in Lavc, Lavc+, and ffmpeg (not auto-thread support). It can increase conversion speed in multi-core computers.
- Subtitle languages are now independent of audio languages. It's useful in Dvd and mkv, with different audio languages and subtitle languages.

Version 2.3c:
- Support for cyrillic srt subtitles
- Added Galego language

Version 2.3b:
- Now you can select the charset of the srt subtitles (ISO-8859-1 occidental, ISO-8859-2 Central Europe, and ISO-8859-7 Greek). It has been solved problem with ¿?¡! characters, with greek alphabet, and perhaps with central europe languages.
- You can select size of srt subtitles.

Version 2.3:
- A new codec named Lavc+, with more quality than Lavc, but a 30% more conversion time.
- Now in options form you can set output resolution ratio (not only Full or Crop to Device)
- You can make your own video settings profiles. Examples: HD Quality, HD TV Series, PSP, Diamond crop to Device, Diamond 16/9, etc.
- Now you can multiselect files in pending videos queue. After that, you can delete, move, or apply a profile to all the selected videos.
- A new button added, to deselect all files in pending videos queue.
- In the pending videos queue, now shows codec, bitrate, and output resolution.
- The buttons in main form, are enabled or disabled according to actual situation.
- A new button added in the Edit Page, to enable or disable video preview.
- Dutch language added.

Version 2.2b:
- Now you can select Audio Bitrate (160 kbps,128 kbps,96 kbps,64 kbps and 32 kbps)
- If Output File exists, it isn't replaced. Now the program gives it a secuential number (For example Video01.mp4)
- If conversion process is aborted, then Output File is deleted.
- French Language added.

Version 2.2:
- The program has been renamed to Mp4ForHD (Mp4 for Hand-held Devices). It's because at the beginning, it was thought for Htc HD, but now supports a lot of devices.
- 3 differents coding ways: X264 2 pass (as version 2.1), X264 1 pass (only 1 pass. Sligthly less quality, but less time to encode), and LAVC (a codec that i tested for PSP, but surprisely is supported by the Htc HD. It's ultrafast, only spends 1/4 time of X264 2 pass, although loses quality. It's ideal for TV series)
- Full support for the PSP (X264 and LAVC codecs). It creates a jpg with a miniature of an instant of the film.
- I think I have solved the problem with 'REAL' method of ProgressBar calc.
- Final resolution (when changing aspect and crop) is better calculated.

Version 2.1b:
- Now, you can select three different ProgressBar methods: Calculated (as versions 1.8..2.0), Real-Slower (15% slow conversion), and Real-Problematic (as version 2.1 that to some people doesn't run)
- Solved '000000001.jpg not found' error.
- Option 'trellis' of MEncoder has been deleted

Version 2.1:
- You can choose output crop ratio (1.33,1.44,1.55,...,2.66) as well as Full and Crop to Device (this two already present in 2.0 version)
- Added new output resolutions (Iphone,PSP,720x432,640x384,560x336 and 480x288)
- Two new bitrates profiles: Very high (normal*1.5) and Very low (normal*0.5)
- Now progress bar is exactly calculated (checks constantly MEncoder's output log).
- Since 2.0b version, cropdetect (black flags detect) is working in all computers.
- You can see all the commands send to MEncoder and MP4Box in a log box.
- Now if no DVD audio language detected, the program try to force the language assigned in options.
- DVD subtitles are now more readable, but with the same size (MEncoder can't make it larger)
- Deutch Language added.

Version 2.0:
- You can select three diferent bitrate qualities: high (normal*1.25), normal and low (normal*0.75)
- You can select 4 maximum output resolutions: 800x480, 640x480, 400x240 and 320x240
- Fixed the bug 'Division by zero'.
- Increased time to know cropdetect (perhaps it runs well to somebody, who befores not)
- A better adjust of step 1 expected time
- Italian language added

Version 1.9:
- Can ignore up and down black flags, usseful for DVDs and VOBs, and another video files.
- In DVDs and VOBs, asumes 16:9 aspect ratio
- M4V file support
- You can input an audio-delay when video and audio are slightly asynchronized
- Video is automatic scaled when width is greather than 800 (before only when video heigth was greather than 480)

Version 1.8:
- Support for avi, mp4, wmv, mkv, mpg, m2v, mov, vob, flv. Dvd directly rip included.
- Adjust bitrate to resolution output video (from 250 to 800)
- Lets crop to our HD ratio aspect (5/3), and change the input video aspect ratio
- You can add, change order, or delete videos of the video pending queue in any time.
- Supports srt subtítles (if a srt file with same name is present)
- If heigth is greater than 480, it scales video
- Shows complete information of the video to convert (resolution, framerate, duration, etc)
- If input video includes multilanguage (Dvd, vob, mkv), you can select audio language, and subtitles language.
- You can select for each video the start and end position, and preview the video.
- You can join Mp4 of same resolution (if a video is splited in two videos, you can convert each one, and after join them)
- You can select if computer hibernate/suspends or shoot down after converting process.
- If application is minimized you see actual progress.
- Multilanguage interface support (actually English, Spanish and Catalan)

If you want to traslate interface to your language, copy the english.lng file to the name desired, and then edit with notepad, changing each input for the traslated one. Please send me this file if you want it will be present in the next version.

The link to the 2.9 version setup file is here:

Here is the update to 2.9f version. Copy the five files included in the zip, to the folder where Mp4ForHd is installed.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Nov 13, 2008
Seems to work really well. The output is slightly worse than the output from Projections encoder, but its smoother. Its ideal for TV rips or non HD sources. Trying with an HD source file now.


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Nov 14, 2007
hey, Jandre, could you please upload it to rapishare or megaupload? thanks. can not download on mediafire.


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Nov 29, 2003
Can you please at .m4v to your file filter.

Thats the extention for apple's DRM-free video from the itunes store, and your app converts it fine after the file is added (with some difficulty).


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    I'm now hosting a mirror of the 2.9 version of Mp4ForHD here.

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