[MTCD/E] Android 10 upgrade using official Free tools

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Nov 29, 2019
If you want to switch from different Android versions (A9, A10, A11), you always have to flash an image first.
Only then can they import an OTA for the same version.
Try SDCardTool or USB-A method and flash Dasaita A11 image.

this A11-Bild

and then

this A11 Vivid OTA
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@ikerg any thoughts on this? Much appreciated your reply.
if you tried everything (other user reported that the reset button was not well soldered) I suggest as last option a software flash with usbA - usbA.
You need:
Follow this post:


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Jan 8, 2011
if you tried everything (other user reported that the reset button was not well soldered) I suggest as last option a software flash with usbA - usbA.
You need:
Follow this post:
Well the reset button does flash after 15 seconds but it doesn't go into recovery.

For the android image file, which one should I use in the link you've provided? I don't see IMG labeled.

Thanks for your help.

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    To upgrade a MTCD/E PX3, PX5, PX6 from Android 6+ on using official Rockchip free tools - a reminder, bringing together multiple threads.

    First note - if coming from Android 6 - early versions of Realtek dual BT/WIFI (type 2) are not supported past Android 6.
    [29/06/2020 - Android 10 - Users are report Bluetooth MD725 Type 1 is not working on Android 10...]

    The only fix is to replace the wifi/bt module with the supported "type 1" GOC-MD-725. See this thread for details (placeholder)

    Also, there is risk associated in upgrading. The SDCard method is known to result in back-screen, sometimes recoverable booting to recovery from SDcard again. If this method fails, OTG becomes the only recovery option.

    Two Rockchip Official methods;

    A. SDcard Method
    Note: To use these methods, your unit must support booting from SDCard or USB. Not all MTC variants are created the same, so test first.

    The following is required for SDcard method
    - (1) Full ROM in .IMG format
    - (1b) bootloader/recovery only image to flash recovery,
    - a 'full' OTA of your choice.
    - Rockchip SDCard create tool

    1. Create SDCard using Rockchip SDcard create tool.

    2. Insert and boot from SDcard, follow prompts.
    3. Wait for install to complete...and can take some time

    (1b) Flash boot/recovery image then an OTA zip. Thanks to @ikerg for recovery .IMG files.
    2b. Create SDCard using Rockchip SDcard create tool with .img

    3b. Insert and boot from SDcard, follow prompts.

    4b. After flashing, remove SDCard, boot to recovery then flash an OTA from another SDCard or USB stick.

    * Download bootloader/recovery flash image from here; https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=11zpgoOW4eU6G1tjs7ExsZ2aC4RoZ9KDr

    B. OTG method - "Never fail, flash like a Boss, impress your friends method"
    *May require Jig, or if lucky an USB A-A cable.)
    The below method will recover a 'bricked' or non-booting unit.
    If wanting to backup your ROM and test other ROMs, this is the method you want.

    The following is required:
    - ROM in .img format, or partiton extract
    - Android Tool and Driver:

    1. Install Rockchip driver and Android Tool on PC/Laptop.

    2. First try connecting your unit USB to USB using cable to PC. Try all headunit USB ports.

    3. Try entering recovery. If successful you will hear the new device chime on your PC and the headunit will be connected.
    If connecting via USB method does not work, a jig must be made. See the following thread for details: https://forum.xda-developers.com/an...px3-5-headunit-mod-recover-flash-som-t3766892

    4. Using Android Tool connected via USB - Flash SOM using .img file. If image file does not install, erase flash first after selecting .img file.

    C. Downgrading steps here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...ing-official-free-tools.4123933/post-85473141

    Hope this thread clarifies the two free and official methods to upgrade your headunit. Enjoy.

    29/06/2020 - Update - Users reporting MD725 - Type 1 Bluetooth is not working on Android 10.
    28/07/2020 - Update - include bootloader/recovery plus OTA method from IMG files kindly created by the talented @ikerg .

    29/06/2020 - Update - Users reporting MD725 - Type 1 Bluetooth is not working on Android 10.

    March 2021 - Update - BT module found - HW upgrade to enable Android 10 upgrades. See my module thread.

    August 2021 - SD Card Downgrade steps - from A10, A9 using A8 for success.

    Note: Best, most successful risk free method - OTG
    I will share some reduced images for recovery upgrade only....after upgrading the recovery you can upgrade to the latest OTA
    This process should be faster than upgrading with a 2.5 gb image from sdcard...as once rexovery is upgraded (70MB image) you can use the usb for upgrading to the latest ota image you downloaded
    Android 8, 9 and 10 for px5 & px6 (only android 9 and 10. No android 8 is available for px6) can be downloaded and selected within sd boot card program.

    I haven't tried them yet as my px5 has md725 chip and currently my car with px6 is on service
    @marchnz if you consider appropriate, you can add this link to the OP....

    Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
    Attention HCT7_rk3399_10.0_IMG (20200415).zip is on PX6. Because you write that you have PX5, use: HCT7_PX5_10.0_IMG (20200612):

    You can try according to Alex's (Ati_gangster) video, everything is perfectly described here. I recommend watching all his videos, they are perfect. On a professional level. The link to RockChip Disk Tool V1.62 is below the video.But only Windows

    Also, some units, at least the JY I have, the USB hardware doesn't support it - the factory leaves out components that are required to enable switching/OTG support - probably to reduce cost.

    Perhaps the newer HA units support OTG and I know GS units that I have seen, also support OTG out of the box.

    In any case, making your own jig is simple enough with basic electronic skills. Also, the SOM must be removed if maskrom is needed.
    it could be....anyway....here you are a reduced image for Android11 upgrade;