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Apr 3, 2007
That would be a great solution if my concerns with compatability could be addressed. hal9k talks about his ROMs being for MTCC and MTCD units fitted with Rockchip RK3188 processors and build numbers starting with RK3188. As you can see in the specs I posted, mine is an MTCE device with an ARM 53 processor, the Bluetooth/WiFi chip is MD725 (from 'Settings/Factory Settings') and the build number starts with HA.
Thank you for your reply.

I have downloaded (from links provided at the start of this thread) ROM images for V6.0 and 8.0. I will 'upgrade' to 6.0 using instructions posted in this thread, leaving 8.0 for the moment as this thread describes that upgrade as 'dangerous'. My hope is that the upgrade will at least give me 'Developer options' so that I can start a 'USB debug' mode and use pc.kingoroot or similar to root-access the device. Or maybe even open up the WiFi.

Youre getting very, very confused here, youve not read it properly - @Hal9k_ does not talk "about his ROMs being for MTCC and MTCD units" - MTCC units are software updated versions of MTCB its, he does not make any ROMs for MTCB/C units. What he says is that this ROM is a "further development of" his "Mod v2.x based on Android 7", which was for RK3188/PX3 units, ie he has made a ROM for RK3368/PX5 units just as he made a ROM for RK3188/PX3 units. MTCD and MTCE units are identical - MTCE is a software update for MTCD units - after MCU version around 2.00 MTCD was renamed MTCE. His ROM is fully compatible with your unit unless you have an MD725 version 2 BT module in which case BT wont work (the OEM Oreo devs did not update the driver), if you have MD75 version 1 it will work.

Upgrading to Oreo was ONLY "dangerous" before @Hal9k_ realised his ROM - he devised a foolproof, non dangerous way to do the update, so what you have read is out of date and now untrue, although what youre probably referring to is the usual disclaimer that youll find on any dev's thread about any update possibly bricking a device ie trying to flash the files youve downloaded already would be termed "dangerous" as would flashing anything or indeed attempting to root your device using an app like kingoroot. Most users on here use custom ROMs as the stock ones re very bad, there are 1000s oun 1000s of posts on here about it.
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Dec 11, 2018
Using Kingoroot is a bit hit and miss, the stock ROM is rubbish, I d recommend flashing @Hal9k_'s ROM, its pre rooted, it may or may not solve the wifi issue, if it doesnt, at least youd have root access and a far better ROM.

Youre getting very, very confused here, youve not read it properly - @Hal9k_ does not talk "about his ROMs being for MTCC and MTCD units" - MTCC units are software updated versions of MTCB its, he does not make any ROMs for MTCB/C units. What he says is that this ROM is a "further development of" his "Mod v2.x based on Android 7", which was for RK3188/PX3 units, ie he has made a ROM for RK3368/PX5 units just as he made a ROM for RK3188/PX3 units. MTCD and MTCE units are identical - MTCE is a software update for MTCD units - after MCU version around 2.00 MTCD was renamed MTCE. His ROM is fully compatible with your unit unless you have an MD725 version 2 BT module in which case BT wont work (the OEM Oreo devs did not update the driver), if you have MD75 version 1 it will work.

Upgrading to Oreo was ONLY "dangerous" before @Hal9k_ realised his ROM - he devised a foolproof, non dangerous way to do the update, so what you have read is out of date and now untrue, although what youre probably referring to is the usual disclaimer that youll find on any dev's thread about any update possibly bricking a device ie trying to flash the files youve downloaded already would be termed "dangerous" as would flashing anything or indeed attempting to root your device using an app like kingoroot. Most users on here use custom ROMs as the stock ones re very bad, there are 1000s oun 1000s of posts on here about it.

Re: your first paragraph, I'm quoting from what is displayed on @hal9k's web site in english (what little there is) which I accessed by clicking on the reference which led to his profile on which the URL of his website is shown, how else was I supposed to get information given the reference? I tried a search within this thread for 'Hal9k' producing only other people's posts. This forum is NOT producing good search results when we (I) don't know the subject and don't know what I'm looking for. Over the last few days I've been working through the over-60 pages of posts in this thread and picking up a snippet of information here and there.
What happened to the updating of information in the first post in this thread? The currently valid information is scattered randomly through those 60 pages.
Where is the information on Hal9k's latest ROM? It's obvious I'm going to be searching for another week before I find it without help and a lot more snide, condescending references.


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Sep 14, 2008
gifs of toyota touch 2 hybrid info

Good Morning.
I would like to know if there is any way to get the gifs from the hybrid information screen of the toyota auris, the battery and the different states of the engines, to put it in the Dasaita.
Thanks and best regards.


Aug 9, 2018

i have a mtce radio from witson android 8.
now i want to upgrade to android 8.1 or to malysk rom.
but i first are looking for the original 8.0 software, so when it doesnt work i can go back.
the following software i have now.

does anybody has the mcu and android version for this radio or have a way to back up it?
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Sep 21, 2008
I found a new setting in the "other" page of my GS MCU v3.0:

"Three way calling" yes/no

Anyone knows what is it?

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Nov 30, 2010
Hi Guys

I'm trying to use Graser's Dasaita Tool to register my OBDLink MX as my OBD module. @Graser

All the options are greyed out, especially the space where I need to enter 3. the names of your OBD adapter.You can specify several names separated by commas.

Is there any reason why this is greyed out, I'm using a Dasaita PX5 32GB+4GB Head Unit Android 8.0



Sep 26, 2009
What changes have you noticed?

Not much really except the following;
USB devices are more stable and the DAB+ does not disconnect anymore.
The radio also doesn't freeze during boot, which is such a relieve..
The update to 3.00 has been made to support the PX5 board i recently installed.

It's now on android 6, and i have to install 8 but time is an issue.
I verified and i have the first gen of the wifi/bt card installed so it should be compatible.

I run a PX5 board with 2GB of memory, would it be enough to run android 8 smoothly?


Sep 26, 2009
In the first post I see that the last version of MCU's GS is 2.78.
I know about the 2.94 (@page 60:
Why the 2.94 is not linked in the first page ?
There are new versions ? 3.00 ?

If I install the 2.94 i can rollback (downgrade) to the 2.78 ?

What happen if i install a wrong MCU ? There is a way to recovery the device ?


Here you go:
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Mar 1, 2017
Do you know if in case of issue a downgrade is possibile?
2.78 ->3.00 and return back to 3.00 -> 2.78

Starting from d5stick work, a collection of MCU_GS :!YhITHKaT!ge4D-5qxkO-5-akbFl9IRg2w3mO9vKaD2H6R-etyzyc

  • MTCD_GS_v2.42
  • MTCD_GS_v2.43
  • MTCD_GS_v2.51
  • MTCD_GS_v2.56
  • MTCE_GS_v2.58
  • MTCE_GS_v2.62
  • MTCE_GS_v2.65
  • MTCE_GS_v2.70
  • MTCE_GS_v2.72
  • MTCE_GS_v2.78
  • MTCE_GS_v2.79
  • MTCE_GS_v2.84
  • MTCE_GS_V2.85f
  • MTCE_GS_V2.88
  • MTCE_GS_V2.93
  • MTCE_GS_v2.94
  • MTCE_GS_v3.00
  • MTCE_GS_V3.01
  • MTCE_GS_v3.07
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Sep 26, 2009
Do you know if in case of issue a downgrade is possibile?
2.78 ->3.00 and return back to 3.00 -> 2.78

Never done that, but i had no problem after the upgrade.

Starting from d5stick work, a collection of MCU_GS :!YhITHKaT!ge4D-5qxkO-5-akbFl9IRg2w3mO9vKaD2H6R-etyzyc

  • MTCD_GS_v2.42
  • MTCD_GS_v2.43
  • MTCD_GS_v2.51
  • MTCD_GS_v2.56
  • MTCE_GS_v2.58
  • MTCE_GS_v2.62
  • MTCE_GS_v2.65
  • MTCE_GS_v2.70
  • MTCE_GS_v2.72
  • MTCE_GS_v2.78
  • MTCE_GS_v2.79
  • MTCE_GS_v2.84
  • MTCE_GS_V2.85f
  • MTCE_GS_V2.88
  • MTCE_GS_V2.93
  • MTCE_GS_v2.94
  • MTCE_GS_v3.00
  • MTCE_GS_V3.01
  • MTCE_GS_v3.07

Thank you! Couldn't find it but this helps :)

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    Stock Android ROM Updates.
    The following links provide the update for the Android part of the system. The file shall be renamed to update.img. Normally the links below contains both Android ROM and MCU updates. Be careful to not use the dmcu.img file if you are not sure that it fits to your headunit's manufacturer.

    ANDROID 6.0 (Marshmallow)
    ANDROID 8.0 (Oreo)
    Stock ROM changelog
    •Fixed the "weather application search box text part is blocked" problem 
    •repair media disc DVD, up and down key function 
    •Add interface prompt for high temperature test 
    •Update the text strong blue BC6, BC8 sdk, 
    •optimize the starting speed. 
    2016-12-29 : 
    •update the text strong Bluetooth BC6, BC8 sdk, 
    •deal with Bluetooth music software reported information error mistakenly identified as A2DP service disconnected; 
    2016-12-30 : 
    •update some APP external device VOL exception 
    2017-1-3 ; 
    •repair the radio boot, fast access to the no-frequency display problem 
    2017-1-4 : 
    •repair the boot sector to provide third-party interface part of the interface to obtain the wrong state 
    •Update kernel CVBS standard switch bug 
    •Update kernel OTG USB bug. 
    •Update the text strong blue BC6, to solve the problem of ringtones and dial crosstalk.
    •Update the carriage recorder watermark display 
    •Update the kernel touch screen GT911 bug 
    2017-1-6 : 
    •Synchronize RK code, 
    •Repair Recovery part of the USB upgrade can not, version number changed to V6.0.7 
    •remove the RK comes with the watermark, making MJPEG and H264 USB display the same way 
    2017-1-7 :- 
    •KERNEL update, repair boot start screen darkening and then restore the problem, G-SENSOR support (yet to be perfect) 
    •Music to DVD crosstalk problem 
    •Delete the recorder 
    •Restore the previous version to delete the google voice 
    •KERNEL, G-sensor and 4g version of the conflict bug 
    •KERNEL, Config for TPMS & BACKSCREEN 
    •Release the Bluetooth phone, HOME, BACK, and other key restrictions 
    •Add ZTE MF833V 4G dongle support 
    •Modify the Bluetooth call state can operate the machine other applications (public version of Bluetooth applications) 
    •Update the text strong MD725 Bluetooth OBD; - 
    •Update recovery V6.0.7, repair manually select the MCU upgrade is not successful BUG 
    •Update the Application to detect the MCU upgrade file error BUG 
    2017-1-12 :
    •Tire pressure built-in according to factory factory selection 
    •Update the problem with the crash of USB 
    •Update the network video playback problem –
    •correction "in the radio state to open the rear view, turn off the ACC, then will open the ACC, exit rear view as the radio, the radio did not sound" problem 
    2017-1-13 :
    • update the text strong 725 Bluetooth break ACC and then ACC can not connect OBD problems. 
    •update the UI interface for custom LOGO 
    2017-1-16 :
    •Update the text strong BC6 bluetooth gocsdk; - 
    •Update mobile phone Internet apk, deal with crosstalk problem; 
    •Remove the useless prop, modify the Google Pinyin input method batch can be configured 
    •Remove the prompts for the start and stop recording of the drive recorder 
    •Update video and video VPUApi library 
    2017-1-18 :
    •Synchronous RK code 20170118 
    2017-01-20 : 
    •modify the "some of the main interface into all applications, and then set the switch inside the language, and then press the home to return to the main interface, the main interface can not slide" problem 
    2017-02-07 :
    •Fixed WIFI turn on standby time - Fixed "radio text and psn length over 8 bytes" problem 
    2017-02-09 :
    •Fixed radio ACC frequency reset problem 
    •Update MF833v 4G dongle bug 
    •Update recovery to version V6.0.9 
    2017-02-13 : 
    •update traffic in the video playback strategy, network video, other players are now supported 
    •factory settings close open application bug 
    •built-in cvbs DVR factory settings according to customer needs
    •sync canbus 
    2017-02-14 : 
    •Update music video application short name display problem 
    2017-02-15 :
    •remove the radio system power to restore the factory frequency problem 
    •factory settings canbus set items clear enough to show incomplete bug 
    • Kernel update –
    •KERNEL: USB power detection problem 
    2017-02-16 :
    •factory settings can be added to the right side of the menu – 
    •Setup >> Extended Plus G-sensor sensitivity setting menu 
    •fix "QQ use the camera video call, the camera screen upside down" problem 
    2017-02-18 :
    •KERNEL: Batch adjustment of standby recovery strategy 1280x480 screen support 
    2017-02-20 :
    •Repairing the black screen problem in the 
    •update the framework part of the interface 
    •Optimize some App 
    •update the SD Bluetooth module from time to time to issue a "da" noise; 
    2017-02-21 :  
    •update the Bluetooth service, support calls in the third party caller ID number; 
    •Press the key to turn off the high and low 
    2017-02-22 : 
    •Fixed "Puqing machine from the settings inside the upgrade system, restart the upgrade process did not see the robot animation" problem 
    •Update the text strong MD725 Bluetooth, to solve the problem of getting Bluetooth type error; 
    •Acceleration sensor sensitivity to 5 files 
    •modify BlueTooth, break B + do not restore the Bluetooth default name; 
    •update feature, add android.hardware.location.gps, part of the app in the Google market need this can be downloaded 
    •update Google apps including Google Market, Maps, Google Pinyin apk 
    2017-02-23 :
    •update the text strong MD725 Bluetooth gocsdk, modify the customer made the aging machine for some time after the call can not, can not hang up the phone problem; 
    •Radio to increase the reset list log print 
    2017-03-01 :
    •modify the access serial number; 
    2017-03-02 :
    •update mobile Internet version EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.6-170302.apk, compatible with IOS10.2 mobile phone software package and compatible with Android 7.1 
    2017-03-03 :
    •Device serial number is changed to be generated by MCU
    •update speed Ding Bluetooth sdsdk, solve the 725 Bluetooth problem; 
    •repair MediaPlayer exception problems (on audio and video playback, the background plug the device) 
    •add some navigation APP installation auto-recognition is navigation settings 
    •modify the driving video, some video APP does not work the problem 
    2017-03-04 :
    •modify the phone interconnection, Bluetooth music in the video control to play video processing; 
    2017-03-06 :
    •update the weather application part button effect 
    2017-03-08 :
    •In the FrontView application to add a mirror selection function, the customer can choose according to the actual situation of the camera to select whether to open the mirror 
    • Fixed "Mobile network DNS modified to" problem 
    2017-03-09 : 
    •reduce wifi scanning frequency. 
    2017-03-10 :
    •add speed Ding 968 Bluetooth; 
    2017-03-13 :
    •Fixed "mobile phone connection billion library" problem 
    •Bluetooth floating window interface to increase the steering wheel button control; 
    •solve the problem of the image of the unstable period of the signal 
    •The kernel layer implements throwing unsteady images via video status 
    •remove the Android useless log information 
    •Update Recovery OTA upgrade, System check mechanism 
    •Update the system low memory, optimize the operating mode 
    2017-03-15 : 
    •update sdsdk968 Bluetooth sdk; 
    2017-03-16 :
    •update the Bluetooth application, deal with international long distance calls display name issues; 
    •update the file manager does not work between the cut between the BUG 
    •DVD settings allow you to watch video bugs 
    2017-03-17 :
    -update speed Ding 968 Bluetooth sdsdk968; 
    2017-03-18 :
    •Update mount the TF card path to prevent UUID from being the same as causing the mount to have problems 
    •update the SystemUI sound configuration, and configure the settings button 
    •IMEI calculation reference source changed to mcu ID 
    2017-03-20 :
    •update speed Ding 968 Bluetooth sdsdk968; 
    •update the text strong BC6 Bluetooth module sdk, dealing with sound problems; 
    2017-03-21 : 
    •open no memory problem; 
    •TV avin translation; 
    •Fixed "boot into the main interface, immediately enter the radio will lead to the current frequency is empty" problem 
    2017-03-22 :
    •update the file; 
    2017-03-23 :
    •update speed Ding 968 Bluetooth sdsdk968; 
    2017-03-24 :
    •google map noise 
    •Some videos can not play 
    2017-03-27 : 
    •Update Unicom Telecom apn configuration 
    •KERNEL update 1: Join the boot fast reverse detection strategy 
    •KERNEL update 2. Backlight control strategy 
    •KERNEL update 3. Card reader in the process of plugging the card reader on the SD card exception BUG 
    •Optimize GMS package, version to 6.0_r11 
    2017-04-011 :
    •BC5 Bluetooth added support for OBD 
    2017-04-013 :
    •BC5 Bluetooth module support module upgrade; 
    2017-04-18 :
    •modify the opening ACC, the probability of slow disk drive caused by the drive recorder does not record 
    •modify gocsdk, solve the text strong 725 Bluetooth module echo problem; 
    2017-04-19 :
    •modify tinyalsa 
    2017-04-20 :
    •add the reset before the USB and TF card reset strategy to prevent the above state after the open ACC is wrong, resulting in the probability of not read USB problem 
    2017-04-22 : 
    •update our media applications also apply third-party audio mixing strategy issues 
    2017-04-24 :
    •BC5 Bluetooth add module firmware version number query 
    2017-04-25 :
    •Update recovery to version V6.1.2 
    •canbus 106 Mazda BT-50 
    •google back to the previous version 
    •Radio Band bug 
    2017-04-27 :
    •modify the Bluetooth service, deal with Bluetooth music information; 
    2017-04-28 :
    •Prevent and control learning to increase google voice.
    •update canbus 
    2017-05-02 :
    •Optimize GPS 
    2017-05-04 :
    •mode key to switch bug 
    •mode to join TV 
    2017-05-06 : 
    •update the text strong HC5 Bluetooth gocsdk5 
    2017-05-08 :
    •update the text strong HC5 Bluetooth gocsdk5 
    •update sdsdk968, modify the reported Bluetooth type, call the sound reduced by a grid; 
    2017-05-10 :
    •update gocsdk5 
    •update mobile Internet EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.7-170510 
    2017-05-11 :
    •Fixed "GPS set in place, the weather interface to switch the server list when the interface card Dayton" problem 
    2017-05-12 :
    •update sdsdk968, optimize the connection to Bluetooth when Cardon's problem; 
    2017-05-15 :
    •update the phone interconnection EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.7-170512 
    2017-05-18 : 
    •update mobile Internet EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.7-170518: Handling iphone phone lock screen car screen screen Huaping problem; Processing the first connection to the mobile phone immediately into the abnormal problem; 
    2017-05-26 :
    •modify 968 Bluetooth sdk, processing connected to Bluetooth after the search is not open; 
    2017-05-31 :
    •Fixed "M165 / M167 module, broken B + can not be connected after the start" problem 
    2017-06-03 :
    •update gocsdk, optimize the operation of the A2DP operating speed faster disconnect the A2DP problem! The - Update EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.7-170601.apk 2017-06-14 ---------- - update gocsdk, modify the customer to make a call for half an hour or an hour of Bluetooth disconnection. 
    2017-06-17 :
    •update gocsdk8 
    2017-06-19 :
    •Update the video library 
    •Update Wifi 
    •Update Music4
    •update mobile Internet EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.8-170619 version; 
    2017-06-19 : 
    •modify sdsdk968; 
    •update mobile Internet EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.8-170620 version; 
    2017-06-21 :
    •update fuse, limit the installation copy of the memory space to prevent the memory is full, the next cold boot no space to load the file led to the machine card logo do not come 
    2017-06-29 :
    •update the Bluetooth sdk: gocsdk8, sdsdk, sdsdk968; 
    •update google package
    •Dasaita customized UI (launcher) to 20170703
    • Netflix hides the volume progress bar in the foreground
    • Sync canbus
    • Handling BC5 Bluetooth module call records show more problems;
    • Update mobile interconnection EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.8-170707:
          1. Android USB connection for the first time into the billion long black screen (usually 5-10 seconds, some long more than 10 seconds)
          2. remove the Android connection, the top right of the red dot.
          3. iPhone wifi connection to play Youtobe video, billion even broken.
          4. wifi connection black screen problem
    • Update speed Ding two-in-one Bluetooth sdsdk, deal with third-party calls after the call no sound problem;
     • Update BC6 hard to kill Bluetooth, handle OBD type error problem
    • Update the background to collect the log interface, factory settings enter the password hct &
    • Remove the option to use an external device in the drop-down menu when the external device is mounted as an internal storage device
    • Update the status bar Google DreamManager to determine the bug
      • canbus Hing flag series, 17 crv, Qijun high with automatic parking
      • update BC6 Bluetooth soft consumer gocsdk6, speed tripod Bluetooth 968
      • update mobile Internet EasyConnected.HT05.4.3.9-dc3b246-170726 version;
    •  increase gsensor wake up
    •  modify the kernel CPU switch caused by the crash bug, repair USB otg bug
    •  update
    •  update sdsdk968, optimize the Bluetooth connection problem;
    •  update sdsdk968, optimize the Bluetooth connection problem;
    •  modify the HCTBlueToothManager, handle off the power-off ACC-open ACC, Bluetooth does not work the problem;
    •  update mobile Internet EasyConnected.HT05.4.4.0-ab1fb6d-170806 version, app_name EasyConnected modified to
    • TPMS_01 increase tire pressure exchange
    • Canbus
    • DVD read customer vehicle path problem
    •  update sdsdk968, deal with Bluetooth phone book display problems, optimize the Bluetooth connection problem;
    •  update the text strong BC6 soft consumer gocsdk6;
    •  update start loader, solve the probability of starting from the problem
    •  update sdsdk968, optimize the Bluetooth connection problem;
    •  update sdsdk968,
          1. Modify the Hebrew address book name to show garbled (reason: the name is too long, the Bluetooth software on the length limit caused)
          2. modify the Bluetooth search will appear no search, the phone can not connect to the situation (the reasons, when the search data too much, resulting in Bluetooth bug)
    •  update the text strong BC6 soft consumer, hard to eliminate sdk, modify the call, disconnect the ACC, connect the Bluetooth, no JH issued.
    •  update the text strong BC6 hard to eliminate hard to cancel the ringtones (due to the choice of soft consumer and hard to eliminate the path is not the same, resulting in hard to kill no ringtones).
    •  update sdsdk968, modify the echo suppression strong point;
    •  update sdsdk, modify the ACC ON re-brush the module's configuration file;
    •  update sdsdk968, modify OBD can not be paired;
    •  CanBus update
    •  update the strong BC6 hard consumer, modify the foreign smart sound, not connected to the problem.
    •  increase USBIpod applied to the system default application;
    •  update speed tripod two Bluetooth head sdsdk: modify ACC ON re-brush the module configuration file; modify part of the phone to delete the paired and then add to the pairing list;
    •  deal with parrot Bluetooth ACC switch problem;
    •  update the text strong BC6 soft consumer gocsdk6, optimize the call quality;
    •  increase the 968 Bluetooth module sdk version and the firmware version of the query;
    •  update the text strong BC6 hard to increase the Bluetooth password function.
    •  update the text strong BC6 soft consumer, increase the Bluetooth matching password function.
    •  deal with even with the Android play music ACC switch no sound problem;
    •  update even with EasyConnected.HT05.4.4.1-a00a6af-171010, compatible with IOS11 and Android 8.0;
    •  update sdsdk968, compatible with the old and new protocol stack, optimized for Bluetooth;[/SIZE]

    Custom Android ROM Updates.
    • Malaysk Custom ROM
    • Borondook Custom ROM. Extracted from Russian Forums []
      * Root access, controlled by the application SuperSU
      * Completely redesigned interface Russian translation
      * The default settings are: Russian interface language, the Moscow time zone
      * Deleted OpenWNN input method for Asian languages
      * Updated versions of Google-system applications (Market, Gmail, Voice Search, Voice Synthesizer)
      * The composition of preinstalled apps added to Adobe Reader, Terminal, Root Explorer, Titanium Backup
      * The composition of additional applications added Xposed Installer and ADBD Insecure
      * Added alternate application "Radio" (the staff of "Radio" has a "KSP" interface, alternative - "GS")
      * Three launcher (KSP interfaces, KGL, GS / MX) with an operational switch to any of them through the "Settings" -> "Home screen"
      * Added control icons (buttons, icons) state of the upper line (the "Options" -> "Display" -> "Status Bar"). By default, all of the icons included , but can be individually turned on and switched on again at any time
      * Redesigned "Options" -> "About your device": added information about the author of the assembly, as well as direct links for those wishing to reward financially
      * AOSP-enabled application "Contacts"
      * Added the ability to interactively change the screen density ( "Settings" -> "Display" -> "screen density")
      * Open the following items "Settings", "Data Transfer", "More / Ethernet", "For Developers"
      * Access to ADB console through the network (port 5555)
      * Russian format of date and time in the launcher and Screensavers
      * Open the setup screen saver timeout ( "Settings" -> "Display" -> "Screen Out")
      * Icon "Recent apps" does not disappear when leaving the home screen launcher
      Version 1: Based on Stock 20170504
      Link -->!mRJThTJJ!cToby6wGYwVdas9J6iaK4H0IuZS4u7--Xe-egX9TT5Y
      OTAs can be accessed via "Settings" > "About your device" > "OTA update to Android system." An internet connection is required.
      OTA1: V1.0.0 -> V1.0.2:
      * correcting defects in the assembly of the first embodiment EEPROM, doispravlenie Russian translation.
      * the introduction of support so-called "white list" - that is, applications and services (services), which will not be "killed" when leaving the radio to sleep. The most typical applications that require a "protection from killing" - is working in the background of the services associated with navigation, warnings about traffic conditions, etc. For example, "Antiradar Arrow" and "MapCam Info". Now, such an application can be stored in the "white list", and after the release of the radio sleep they will work. To implement this functionality is managed through the works of respected Graser , who wrote a wonderful utility PreferenceApp , a challenge which I built right into the "Settings" ( "Advanced Settings", select "White List")
      OTA2: V1.0.2 -> V1.0.3 (Required previous OTA)
      * added alternative application "Music" (from KLD firmware)
      * added the second alternative application "Radio" (in KLD EEPROM)
      * added "double" launcher (KLD of the firmware)
      * radically altered algorithms support the "white list" of applications that retain their efficiency when caring to sleep. For their work fervently thank (do not skimp on Desi) respected graser
    • SVA Custom ROM
      1. Based on official stock Android firmware HA_PX5_6-0_20171214
      2. PDA Deodex, zipaligned, rooted with SuperSU
      3. Stock kernel
      4. SuperSU binary v2.82.
      5. SuperSU.apk can be downloaded from the Google Play Market, if needed
      6. Updated screenshots
      7. Fix recording on internal and external sd card
      8. Disable signature verification check
      9. Reduced the height of the statusbar with a 64px sized to 54px
      10. Four launcher to choose. Launcher from HCT (see the screenshots)
      11. In Settings / Display added settings screen saver (see the screenshots). You can choose between an analog and digital clock, photo collage or frame on the screensaver. Set the type of screen. Support to switch between the old and the new screensavers
      12. In the statusbar, left, icon-button Power - now works like this:
        • A single short tap (press) - turn on screensaver
        • Double short tap (tap) - the creation of a screenshot of the current screen
        • Short triple tap (press) - slew (kill) the active application. If you need some app hung for example
        • Tap is on the Long button Causes a The extended menu off (see screenshots were). Item of The power Off , in The extended power menu a completely Turns off the device. To turn the device on, you can only switching ACC. An with In The extended the shutdown menu added items flight-Mode and by silent-Mode . If you select Reboot (is called called extended reboot menu (see screenshots)
      13. In Settings / Display / Statusbar settings, you can hide / show any buttons, and region
      14. Position clock in status bar you can customize:
        • left
        • center
        • as in stock firmware
        • right
        • hide
      15. Support white list of applications. When exiting deep sleep or turn on the device, applications from the white list will not be killed. Configuring the white list is in the "Settings / Advanced settings", the line below the "Turn-off Delay for ACC". The names of the packages to the white list you need to enter on-line, one element per line
      16. Support OBD adapters by name / partial name that you specify
      17. In Settings / About tablet added Device Status
      18. Icon-button Recent is always displayed, if it is not turned off in settings statusbar
      19. In the recent apps
      20. Correct reboot the device with reboot MCU
      21. In the Settings added manager auto-start
      22. In the Settings added screen "Developers options"
      23. Fixed translation in some applications (only in Russian locale)
      24. To improve performance and responsiveness of the device removed trash and Live Wallpaper
      25. In the Bluetooth application, the width of the field, increased font, and made in two lines
      26. In the applications, music, and videos, the 625px of the playlist
      27. Removed Chinese and Japanese keyboard
      28. In build.prop made some tweaks
      29. Probably something else ...

    Manufacturer's MCUs

    This thread is intended to collect all the information about MTCD PX5 Units:
    Roms (Stock & Custom)
    Q&A Section

    This Unit is an upgrade of the MTCD based on RK3188 Chipset.
    It has been released on late 2016 and it seems to be the MTCD advanced model, being an updated PX3 (2GB RAM - Andoird 7.0.1) the basic model for the MTCD family portfolio.

    The unit consists on two parts:
    • MCU board, which controls physical buttons and A/V inputs/outputs to/from the headunit. This board interacts with Android OS.
    • ANDROID part. The main Operating System.

    Both MCU and Android ROM interact together to achieve the functionality of the unit

    When an update is released two files are provided:
    • The Android ROM (update.img file) is currently based on Marshmallow 6.0.1 and it is common for all the MCTD PX5 Units from different manufacturers-
    • the MCU (dmcu.img) is specific for each manufacturer and it should never be updated with other manufacturer mcu update file (unpredicted response from physical buttons - or CAN bus responses, or bricking the unit)

    The Manufacturer is identified by the XXX when consutling the device information [MTCD_XXX_Version]. Take into accout that you should always refer the MANUFACTURER name (not the seller) on the forums for help/assistance. Giving the name for the Seller does not give any information but confusion.

    e.g: MTCD_HA_1.93_1 (MTCD Unit with MCU for HOtAudio under 1.93_1 version)
    Known sellers & the respective manufacturers for MTCD PX5 are:

    • SELLER [Man. Acronym] (MANUFACTURER)
      ______________ _____________
    • Dasaita/HotAudio [HA] (Dasaita)
    • Erisin/Pumpkin [LM]
    • Erisin [KGL] (Kai Ge Le)
    • Xtrons [GS] (ShenZhen GESHI Electronics And Technology CO.,LTD.)
    • Witson [MX]
    • ????? [HLA] (Hualingan)
    • ????? [XRC]
    • ????? [HZC] (Shenzhen Hansong Electronics Co. Ltd.)
    • ????? [KSP] (Ka Si Pu ShenZhen)
    (this list will be updated according to users report new sellers/manufacturers)

    MTCD Unit Types
    All PX5 units are close the same. Only physical buttons or added functionalities by external CAN bus decoder (provided by the manufacturer) can differenciate them.
    PX5 Modifications.

    Graser's Dasaita Tool. Thanks @Grasersj
    Edit October/2017: Tool that collects several utilities:
    Current version 2.11.5

    • Xposed Module To overcome the OBD bluetooth limitation:
      Bluetooth OBD devices that name does not start with "OBD" does not communicate with the OBD app, as the app does not detect the OBD device and wants to open the Bluetooth connection.
      1. Class name in HCTBlueToothManager - by default, the class name for the AIC used in the firmware is specified.
      2. Method name in HCTBlueToothManager - by default, the class name for the AIC used in the firmware is specified.
      3. The names of your OBD adapters. You can specify multiple commas.

      In case of custom or non standard HCTBluetoothManager.apk, it is required that the user fills the Class Name and Method name

      Once done delete your OBD device from pairing, reboot and pair again. Now OBD apps will detect the device connected as Bluetooth OBD device and will not hang to try to open bluetooth.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    • RDS Radio. ***XPOSED REQUIRED****
      Allows you to set the frequency of the current radio station in the notifications from status bar
      1. Enable Radio module - enables / disables the Xposed radio module
      2. Setup - opens the module settings form
      2.1. Radio Service class name - by default, the class name for Radio from the KLD
      2.2 The name of the method to get RDS-by default, the name of the class for Radio from the KLD firmware
      2.3 The name of the method to get the current frequency-by default, the class name is indicated for Radio from the KLD firmware.
    • White-List. *** XPOSED REQUIRED***
      Application to modify the behavior of MTCManager.apk, which is the responsible of managing the sleep (standby) state of the headunit. This module allows to include in a list (white-list) all the installed applications you want to prevent them to be killed during the standby.
    • Speed Volume Compensation ***NO XPOSED REQUIRED. SEPARATE MODULE***
      Application to Modify Volume according to speed.
    • Adjustment of the built-in android audio streams. ***NO XPOSED REQUIRED. SEPARATE MODULE***
    • Source application list. ***XPOSED REQUIRED***
      You can enter the applications you want to be switched between them when you press the MODE button

    MTCD Mods by @f1x
    f1x comes with an update of his famous apk/mod for MTCD units. Thanks @f1x. Please support his work with some kind of donation

    PX5 Media Controller by @Bose321
    This app makes the MTCD Radio being controlled by standard android media controls instead of particular MTCD controls. in the same way redirect the Frquency & Channel to common Android media information that can be get by any media widget
    Reserved: Q&A
    1. I have a MTCD RK3188 unit. Can I use the firmware updates here published?
    No. All the stuff here published is for RK3368 (PX5) MTCD units. Only the MCU files could be used for your unit (if it is really a MTCD)
    2. My MCU is XXX and i can't find new updates from manufacturer for a long time. Can I update from other Brand MCU?
    Not all the MTCD MCUs are the same, but quite similar between them. There is a thread that is collecting all the MCU cross compatibility based on user experiences.
    3. How Do I enter into recovery menu?
    Depending on the HeadUnit, the entering into recovery process could vary.
    • Reset Button Procedure (You need a needle to access that button inside the Reset hole)
      Applicable to:

      • [*] HeadUnits with no physical buttons on Headunit (just capacitive buttons) [Brands: Dasaita]
      1. Press Reset and hold until button light blinks (15-20secs)
      2. Release Reset and press again. Hold it until you see the Marshmallow logo
      3. Release Reset and wait for the Recovery menu to appear

      [*] Power Button Procedure [Brands: Dasaita]
      Applicable to:

      • [*] HeadUnits with physical power button on Headunit [Brands: Dasaita]
      [*]When none of the above procedures worked:
      1. Disconnected all power from the unit... ACC & BAT disconnected
      2. Prepared 12V power supply with on negative and two positive connectors
      3. Connected negative to GND & one positive to BAT
      4. Connected USB keyboard
      5. Press right ALT (ALT GR on some keyboards) and PrintScreen
      6. Connected the other positive lead to ACC (unit does not work if both BAT and ACC are not connected)
      6a. Start pressing repeatedly on E (not holding E pressed, but press...release... press... release..... rapidly)
      7. The boot logo shows (MarshMallow...etc) and after a few seconds the unit reboots itself
      8. Release right CTRL & PrintScreen and continue to repeatedly press on E.
      9. The Recovery shows on screen.
    4. I have a complete Bricked Unit with a continuous loop. What can I do?
    First of all, you have to try to reload the firmware into the unit. As you are not loaded into Android system, you must reload the firmware by using the recovery menu. To enter into recovery menu read the FAQ#3.
    Most of the times, reloading the Android firmware solve the issue. Try with different firmwares if you can't succeed at first time. When, even having tried to update your firmware from recovery, but it did not succeed, you probably have corrupted your NAND. In that case a more complex solution is available (desoldering/soldering is required) to come the unit back to life. Thanks @marchnz for the detailed description on the following thread:
    5. I notice echo on my Bluetooth Calls
    Echo has been reported on severla Brands/Models for PX5 firmwares. The echo is not instantaneous and it appears after some minutes of conversation. Currently @f1x is developing a solution based on tunning the Bluetooth drivers. You can follow the solution in this thread:
    6. My HeaadUnit never shuts off and, even several days, after switching engine on the Headunit starts in a few secons....Can I kill my car battery?
    These units are designed to enter into deep sleep state detecting ACC off, in order to avoid each time you connect the car, you had to wait a full cold boot (20secs) and they just wake up in 2seconds. During This sleep state, the Headunit consumes a small current (just 100-150mA). Such current can't drain your battery.
    Some manufacturers (like Dasaita (HA)) have implemented a menu in which, apart of Auto-Sleep you select at which time you want to HeadUnit shuts off completely, useful for long car unused periods.
    7. My apps are killed during Sleep and they don't start again after waking up
    These HeadUnits kills background processes (except specific ones) during deep sleep state (see Q&A#6). The killing process is managed by MTCManager.apk file. A developer (@graser) has been released a tool that is based on adding apps/services to a whitelist to pevent the unit killed them during sleep. You need root & Xposed Framework
    8. Google Maps Hangs when starting a route
    It has been identified that Google Maps hangs constantly. One of the reasons provided is due to corrupt data after not properly exiting Maps application, which occurs automatically bu the ROM when entering into sleep.
    Three Solutions have been reported:
    8.1 -> Install 9.46.2 version -->
    8.2 -> Add Google Maps to the Whitelist on Graser's app (see FAQ#7) [Root & Xposed required]
    8.3 --> Clear Maps Cache before starting app (after each sleep). You can use this apk:
    9. I cant find MTCDs MCU updates, but MTCE. Can I update a MTCE over a MTCD?
    HCT developers, starting from MCU version 2.65, has been renamed the MCTD as MTCE. It is reported to be a major software update and it is fully compatible with MTCD MCU. Therefore, you can upgrade to MTCE from MTCD safely.
    10.Can I replace Google Now by Google Assistant?
    Yes you can. extracted from Thanks @apollo1976
    1) change the resolution using the "Resolution Changer Pro" app ( I set the 1280x800 resolution, with DPI 280. Other user reported that thw working resolution is 1365x800
    2) Reboot the system
    3) Installed the Google Assistant apk (
    11.How can I root my unit?
    PX5 devices under MM can be rooted easily by means of using kingoroot app (not kingroot).
    When installing a Warning message will appear, but you can continue the installation.
    You need internet connection for kingoroot during root process.
    After getting root privileges, remove kingoroot and install SuperSU
    All GS MCU updates so far.

    For those who want the latest MCU's for the GS series; see the attachement.
    I have updated mine 1.91 MTCD to the new v3.00 MTCE without issues.

    Hopefully someone has some good use for it ;)