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Dec 17, 2011
I'm not sure that's the problem.

I have read cases that with android 5.1.1 it worked correctly, and new units with 7.1.1/2 did not show data on the screen and did not work all the SWCs

I have configured the canbus in every possible way from the factory settings and there has been no way to get it to work properly.

I would like to try downgrading to hal9k 5.1.1

Thanks again

Bharath Naik L

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Jun 14, 2016


I need help here...
I recently bought a Android head unit with 4G sim card support. After installation, I noticed that the 4g is not working and it shows only the symbol. So I tried to upgrade the android and update the mcu. After MCU update my radio stopped working. Not able to fix it.

The screenshot shared above is before upgrade. So I want to go back to same. Please let me know if anyone got update for this or same MCU and android update files. It will be helpful for me.

Model : ZQ8007
Chipset : MT8321M

Please help!!


Nov 11, 2006
I made some "funny" mistake. flashed a dmcu update together with a .cfg file due to the MCU being corrupt

Now during boot I see " Insane Aldoo " instead of a car logo, in factory settings the page "car logo" is not longer there

Any good soul that can get me a .cfg from their device ?, doesn't matter what version


May 27, 2017
Hi everyone, I have an MTCH unit with Hal9k V.5 rom and MCU MX on board. I wanted to know if MCUs for MTCD/E can be used on MTCH units.
originally i had the MTCH_MX2_3.78_1 MCU, i upgraded to MTCH MX 3.84 but it slowed down the system so i would like to go back but i can't find MCU for MTCH.
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    This thread is to document MCUs found to be cross-compatible between MTCD units, which includes PX3 and PX5 variants, which share identical mainboard hardware and MCU Chip STM32F091.

    The following MTCD & MTCE (as of v2.56) MCUs have been validated as cross compatible on 1024x600 units:
    - MLT - 01/07/17 - caution - has resulted in issues for some @leonkernan
    - JY
    - KBT - 08/12/2017 - thanks @abagos
    - KD (v2.40_2 - enables bluetooth hands free in both front speakers)
    - KGL
    - KSP thanks @Overmann
    - GS - Note "version unmatch" error and fix below No issue experienced on MTCE going from JY 2.80 to GS 2.78 and back to HA 2.80 - March 2018
    - GS compatible on MX (see post #513)
    - HA (v2.56 06/07/17 - note v2.52 on enables "shutdown delay when acc off" menu) HA MTCE (30/09/17) V2.65
    See this thread for pics where MCU HA and KD has been applied on JY.

    I initially upgraded to KD 2.40, then HA v2.52 after first exporting the MCU settings.
    Note that I had to reapply MCU settings in [factory sertings] to configure radio, LED, bluetooth, hardware keys, volume levels between radio, bluetooth, system etc.

    MCUs were previously thought to be manufacturer specific - e.g. HA, JY, GS, KD, however I have found that they are compatible and of interest where there is either a specific issue with your MCU (e.g. bluetooth out of one speaker, to enable PX5 sleep mode control) or the vendor has long ceased to support & release updates - such as JY.

    MCU cross-compatibility became of interest to me when I upgraded my JY [MCU v2.06_2] PX3 with a HCT PX5 SOM and wanted to enable the MCU specific menu item [shutdown delay when ACC off] to control sleep as found on HA/Dasaita.

    I first noted that from an XDA post listing JY an KD v2.06_2 being identical and on that assumption, upgraded to KDv2.40_2, which successfully applied - but had to reconfigure factory settings.
    Following on, I found a post which has an image of a GS board & MCU chip - noted it was identical to the MTCD JY MCU chip [STM32F091] - then came across a post where a user had inadvertently applied a MTCD GS MCU to a MTCD JY without bricking it.

    I then started comparing same version number firmware files from various manufacturer MCUs with a text compare tool. From this work, I had enough info to compare the latest HA v2.52 and conclude it 'should' be compatible. Indeed it is.

    As always, check first (suggest confirming MTCD, MCU Chip part number, view/compare the fw files, ensure you have original MCU FW, backup MCU settings or document the settings to ensure your hardware controls, volume control, bluetooth, radio, canbus etc are setup correctly). Apply at your own risk.

    Please post your results and I will update this thread.
    UPDATE: 26/06/2017 Users of 800x480 Users must also apply file[dmcu.ext], a text file containing:
    For PX3 --> screen:3
    For PX5 --> screen:1

    01/07/17 - MLT
    06/07/17 - KGL confirmed and new HA v2.56
    30/09/17 - MTCE MCU confimed compatible
    08/03/18 - MTCE JY/GS/HA compatible - No issue experienced on MTCE going from JY 2.80 to GS 2.78 and back to HA 2.80

    GS Specific Notes:
    For all those with a GS: Our unit is compatible with the MTCE MCU but you have to restore your settings and maybe to manually reconfigure your touchscreen and buttons. There is a simple function to do this in the factory settings (126) which is called key study. My touchscreen was also swapped by the x axis. I had to go with the swapped touchscreen into the settings, configure it, reboot the unit and everything was fine. For the buttons you have also the possibility to use short press and long press buttons, which is great because our units (at least mine) has only five buttons and no return button. So I use now the power off button as return in short press mode and power off in long press :)

    Version unmatch see this post where user resolved by reapplying MCU AND Software APK Fix Here
    - Attached Version Unmatch APK fix to this post, thanks @Wadzio

    GS Configuration Settings file:

    Do not dilute this thread by posting "how-to" questions such as - how do I update the MCU, what unit do I have, can I do it, how do I find factory settings, etc. This thread is to document cross-compatible MCUs and the fixes they apply.
    KD --> HA for 800x480 Screen

    I have had quite an experience over the weekend, but am able to report successfully updating a PX3 MTCD_KD unit to a PX5 with the HA2.52 MCU Code.

    For those of us with 800x480 screen sizes, as now noted in the main thread, we need to create the dmcu.ext file with the appropriate screen size to be flashed with the dmcu.img file.

    Just a note that if you run across the issue of not having the appropriate resolution; don't freak out.

    One interesting note I hadn't mentioned before is that after the PX5 started thinking it was 1024, I replaced it with the PX3. The PX3 booted thinking it was 1024 also. After reverting the PX3 to 800 (flashing with screen:3), I replaced the PX5. The PX5 however, did not revert back to 800, but remained at 1024. The PX5 did not revert back to 800 until after I reflashed the MCU, specifically stating it was to be 800 (screen:1).
    And did not show a mismatch message on screen?
    Yes but I used the McuUnmatchUnlock.apk
    I can confirm a cross compatibility as well.

    My Unit is a xtrons device with die MCU firmware GS 2.43 and yesterday i did flash the HA 2.52. But be sure to save your mcu config first. Otherwise the hardware buttons won't do what they were supposed to do. But after flashing the firmware and restoring the config, everything is back to normal.
    Hi, thanks, I have added to post #1. Do you have a screen shot I can add?
    I only have after installing it. Its px3, I'm waiting to px5 board to update it.