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MTK kali nethunter kernel porting problem

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New member
Dec 13, 2018
hey guys, im new to porting new kernels to my phone
i flashed kali nethunter on my MTK device but when i try to flash the kernel it fails when it comes to decompressing boot.img and it show this error (Unpacking boot image failed) using this command :
"$bin/bootimg" xvf boot.img "$split_img"
i tried to flash this kernel in both stock and custom rom but the same error appears
i think nethunter kernel installer isn't made for MTK devices because when i decompressed boot.img it listed files that's not present in the installer like this one (boot.img-ramdisk) it only shows compressed (kernel.gz) and (ramdisk.gz) and (cpiolist) and (bootinfo) and (initrd) folder.
i saw some going modifies boot.img to make a flashable compatible kernel of nethunter depending on given boot.img so
pleaaaaaase guys help me in this situation im really excited to test my alfa in kali nethunter :crying: :crying: :crying:

my phone:
Gionee M5 Lite
kernel version: 3.18.19
rom: lineage os 14.1
nethunter generic-arm64-kalifs-full-rolling-2017.11-18-1618
htt ps: // drive.goo gle. com /file/d/1FN5ogaRRboCKS2ap2_dzYpLdxenJjbse/view?usp=sharing