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Question Multi-CSC does not aligns with SIM

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Oct 7, 2010
I bought a new A72 in EU with A725FOXM4AUH2 CSC on it. The problem is that it should align with Italian (ITV) or French (XER) CSC when I first boot with the french or italian SIM inside but this does not happen. I try to flash with Odin stock firmwares to reset the first boot procedure but nothing.
I tried to change it to THL CSC in order to force some kind of change. It worked but stay obviously with the default CSC of the multi CSC OLM (that's correct).
Back with Odin to OXM, it comes back to SER (Russia) CSC. Why it is not taking the SIM operator to switch to the right CSC (ITV or XER) ?

It seems like it just take a default CSC of the Multi-CSC without aligning with the SIM.

I also tried Samkey but, it says it's ok but then the CSC stay the same.

Many thanks for your help, I am really sad...