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Multi-platform 1-Click bootloader unlock for *ANY* 3rd Gen HDX (with VirtualBox)

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Jan 2, 2019

I have acquired a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" 3rd Gen 64GB Wifi + LTE. I would like to get rid of FireOS Is there any ROM that supports LTE ? I have successfully replaced FireOS by AospExtended-v4.6-thor in the past on a HDX 7" (non-LTE) but this time I have a 8.9" version with LTE. Before I brick the device, I just want to know if anyone has done it and get LTE to work.

Thanks a lot


New member
Feb 9, 2018
Appreciate you publishing this -- tool works great (after I re-read the instructions and actually followed them!)

Happy to finally put my old HDX back to use as an excellent home assistant tablet with fully kiosk browser.

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    UPDATE 2020-12-24: Merry Magnifications

    • VirtualBox 6.1.x support (tested with 6.1.16)
      works fine on Linux with Firefox and USB2 ports
      tends to be flaky on MacOS with Safari; PLEASE use Firefox or Chrome!!
      may need to connect via a USB2 hub or try different ports and cables
    • More accurate state assessment (i.e. rooted/unlocked/etc)
    • More aggressive planning logic
      always look for ROM/GAPPS/SU in internal storage
      may end up offering choices that make very little sense
    • Assorted fixes and improvements
      hopefully fewer new bugs were introduced than old ones fixed

    1. No prerequisites on the device side
      • no root needed
      • full stock is OK
      • stuck in fastboot is fine
      • heck, it even works with _some_ soft-bricks
    2. Does NOT work on Windows
      1-Click is a virtual machine and a script that starts the VM in VirtualBox.
      Unfortunately, VirtualBox on Windows fails to pass certain USB devices
      including the HDX in bulk mode from Windows to the VM.
    3. Network access required to grab the right aboot + TWRP for your device
    4. Optional TWRP magic to auto-install ROM.zip, GAPPS.zip, and SU.zip from internal storage
    PM me for a personal link and please state your regular HOST operating system.

    • Requests without HOST OS information will be ignored.
      • Naturally, the same applies to requests with a Windows HOST OS.
    • Running 1-Click inside another VM is almost guaranteed NOT to work.
    • Link requests should be sent at the earliest 2 weeks after join date.
      Freshly joined members are encouraged to spend some time
      familiarizing themselves with the details of working with this device
      by studying the relevant threads in this forum.
    Hi i need any working mirror of this tool pls, thank's

    Look, I'm really sorry I haven't been able to put out a new release for a **long** time.
    Believe it or not, I'm still working on it, when I have the time, but I've had *way* too
    much going on the last couple of months. I recall making a comment that I'll surely
    finish this by Xmas, but the didn't happen. I do apologize. There's barely anything
    worse than unkept promises...

    I'd give you an old version, if I had more of an order (version control, etc.) on this
    project, but -unfortunately- it's a bit of a chaos. I have different versions floating
    around on different USB sticks. My "master" copy is being totally reworked (and
    not yet fully functional, nor tested to any reasonable standards). I simply cannot
    take responsibility or give support to some random version, which is also why I'm
    asking not to mirror. If you happen to find the wrong version (there had been
    test releases, which didn't quite work -- no bricks, as far as I know, but no joy,
    either), you'll be in for a surprise.

    Here's what I'll (try to) do: I've just finished my delivery for work (you know, the
    stuff that actually pays... ;)), and I have only two more interesting 'research' projects
    going on besides this tool. I'll put those aside and concentrate on this one. Let's see
    if I can get out a usable version in a few days. (I have most parts working, but I need
    to put everything together and _thoroughly_ test; so, you don't end up with a brick.)
    Any takers?

    Very cool! Will be interesting to try this out (have to wait for a someone with an eligible device that is willing to give it a whirl).

    BTW, this works with already unlocked devices also, :p
    if anyone is willing to do some independent testing.
    This is how I tested also... should be completely harmless. ;)
    That's awesome! I appreciate all the work you guys do! Let us know when you have it up to your standards :)

    I just posted a download link...

    Any idea when the next version will be released? I"ve got some spare time so I figured I would get my HDX on full Android. Why did the link expire after 2 weeks?

    Unfortunately, I'm far too busy at the moment,
    but this is on the top of my list. Won't make any
    definite promises though. On the positive side,
    I got both a Thor and an Apollo delivered (both
    warehouse deals) yesterday. So, I can start
    testing without jeopardizing my daily driver.