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Multiple Google accounts on one G1

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I have 2 Google Apps accounts (one personal and one work)

From what I can tell, you can only sign in with one account into Android and to access the other Mail i will have to use IMAP. Fair enough, i can live with that. But i'm not sure i can live without both cals or google talk on both (or any other aspects which I have yet to check on, such as lattitude, although I cant actually find latitude on my maps app.)

Is there a way of

* syncing more than 1 calendar?

* logging into more than one account in google talk (IM app or others) as when you access the IM prog it brings up a page which looks like it should list all of the accounts you want to access... which, if you cant access more than 1, is a little pointless from what i can make out.

I dont suppose cupcake makes any of this possible does it?

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I know that the calendars can be done.
I have several google and apps accounts.
The account you use as the primary needs
to be given FULL access to the other calendar.
Go to the secondary account and do the sharing
and access stuff. I had to dig around a little for
the right procedure in the google help forums. Once
your primary user can edit events on the web for the
secondary calendar then all should be well. Remember
to color code them. I am currently working with three
calendars. They all will show up as one and color coded.
You can't open separate instances for each calendar.
When you add an event on your phone you get a dropdown
to choose which calendar to add it to.


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Apr 11, 2009
New York
K9 Mail (free app on the Market) is an excellent client that supports multiple IMAP/POP3 accounts.

For calendar sync, it's a little more trickier. You need to share your 2nd calendar with your main one by doing the following:

  1. Sign into Google with your 2nd account.
  2. Go to Calendar, and click on Settings link (top right corner)
  3. On the Calendar Settings page go to "Calendars" tab.
  4. Click the "Share this calendar" link.
  5. Under the "Share with specific people" section, enter the e-mail address of your primary account, select "Make changes AND manage sharing" permission setting, click the "Add Person button, and finally click the "Save" button.
  6. Log out of Google.
  7. Sign into Google with your primary account and go to Calendars.
  8. Go to Settings and verify that the calendar from your 2nd account is now listed under "My Calendars" section.
  9. On your G1 open the Calendar app
  10. Press the Menu button, select "More" and then "My calendars" option.
  11. Press the Menu button again and select "Add calendars" option. This should sync up and present you a list with your 2nd account's calendar.
  12. Select it, save and exit the Calendar app.
  13. Repeat steps 1 through 12 for adding more calendars from your other accounts.
  14. You're done.
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