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[Must Watch!] Sense 5 on our Phone! ;)

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Jan 25, 2011
Good going!! Would love to try it once it's stable!!

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Apr 21, 2011
Wow. Did the impossible become possible? Your guys are crazy good at what you do

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    This is my video review of the HTC One M7 ROM by geiti94! Please consider subscribing! Also, give this video a like for feedback and leave a comment if you have questions! Thanks! :)


    Link to the thread: http://goo.gl/t619jO

    Impressive work, well done!

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    What's so impressive in makinga video. He did not made the rom. And it will never work. Just buy a sense next time :silly:
    Why not just buy the HTC One instead.........
    some questions for OP....

    1) Did you port the rom? :rolleyes:
    2) Do do you plan to fix the non working parts? :rolleyes:
    3) Did you just flash a half ported rom that someone else made, then uploaded a video of it to YouTube? :confused:
    4) Would you edit your post to show who is porting it, and remove "Please consider subscribing! Also, give this video a like for feedback and leave a comment if you have questions! Thanks!"

    It's not cool to take credit for other peoples hard work. :mad:

    A true Sense to S4 port is what geiti94 is doing. Here

    1) No, I never once said I did. I have a link to his thread in the video's description.
    2) No, I do video reviews of ROMS on YouTube so people can get an idea of it before they flash it.
    3) Yes, I obviously did. The video IS in the original thread of the HTC ROM. The developer DOES know about it.
    4) No, I will not. I never once took credit for his work. I took credit for mine, which was making the video.

    It's not cool to go out of your way to say something like this... especially when I never once said this ROM was mine.

    Guess what! My video is in his OP on the thread. ;)
    Haha love this thread. Op is insulting. Not because where narrow minded but insulting to the dev that's created this rom. Like renting a Ferrari and showing of to narrow minded people that think it's yours. :p