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Sep 5, 2007
While the coders of MX Player are sitting on their hands, they are passed Left and Right by their competitors.

It's really a shame we have to revert and pay for other apps, to get Chromecast support.
The days of MX Player being the best app for video are long gone !!!!!


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Sep 14, 2011
We are planning to work on it in a near future.
Kindly provide some of inputs at
We are expecting some more inputs from the users. The you provide, we will deliver the best.

Is it so difficulty or impossible for the MX Player in a high end device to stream or mirror directly to the Chromecast ?
I have them too, and chromecast support is definitely nice to have
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Jan 25, 2011
Not all android devices have an inbuilt Cast function. I have a Tribute HD and there is no option to cast or mirror.

However, I don't think Cast would necessarily be worth it. UPnP/DLNA works with far more formats and devices. It transcodes only when it has to based on decoder support from the receiver (eg. Your TV, Roku, Fire TV, etc).

I might be missing something, but my experience with Cast is with any device other than a Chromecast has been less than stellar. DIAL is the fallback and it's quite the crap shoot, if you don't have a relevant app on your receiver. While decoder support varies wildly, especially on generic streaming boxes, the main players have the vast majority of formats down.
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    The chromecast app is the best option until MX supports it natively, it broadcasts your screen on to the chromecast.

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    All cast is best imo

    why did u guys update showbox... lucky for me I saved the old updates, u can use v3.81 which I am using also v3.83 and v3.85 after that is where the problem is,

    it is working for me, I stopped updating showbox... also have the first one from I used from DEC 2014...

    here is a link to my dropbox I put the older files there if u want... just sharing...

    u can hit the thanks it this is a very useful help for the older copies...
    This is a continuation of the original thread on Google Groups.

    Link to original thread:
    Please add min formats support for Chromecast

    Guys, isn't it time you had something for Chromecast? Even if it was just a few formats. I love the MX player, but I'm forced to use other players due to lack of chromecast support.
    there are many different options out there to use at the moment if you want to stream to chromecast. I agree with the developer having his standards of exactly what he wants his app to be able to do before releasing it... Kudos to him! :good:
    Wow, thanks for the update! This is good news. In terms of performance, does video playback lag if you have screen cast enabled? Would you mind also trying how 10-bit playback performance works with screen casting running? I won't be home to try this for the next few days.

    @CAL7 not to sound cynical, but my guess is that Google is playing favourites :p

    I'll have some more time to play mess with the setup tonight I think. I haven't watched a full movie with it yet, but for what I tested it seemed fine through mxplayer- no lag for the short while I watched ( about 10 mins worth plus some shuttling forward and backward).
    To be honest, all I think I know of 10bit is that it's a higher quality or uncompressed video..I can google it myself. Just a data point that you're asking a dumb monkey when it comes to that particular least until I check the "internets" :p
    but if it helps, the video I tested was encoded at 1920x 1080 4:2:0

    As a side note - and not using mxplayer for this portion of a test but I've used it to mirror video playing from firefox (via a live stream) which played as it would normally just fine. I know that may not offer much in answering your question, but I mention because I was actually surprised that I had no "beta" issues that I had anticipated. And that was for the entire stream (not my reaction of surprise, but the lack of beta issues).
    That said, I'm figuring I'll have the same success with a longer mxplayer test.

    At any rate, I'll give a longer test tonight. I did just see there are some noted sample vids in one of the other mx threads for 10bit ( and I'll try one of those. I take it I need check the box for the h/w+ setting 10bit as well.

    I'll give a heads up after.