MX Player Custom Codec [AC3,DTS,MLP,TRUEHD, etc..]

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Aug 11, 2015
periodically this problem arises and there is no quick solution other than wait for the release of the updated codec...
Disabling the automatic update of MX player on the play store seems to be the only final fix to this torment.
It's not a problem. It's supposed to be this way. MX Player doesn't have the rights to distribute the codecs. Just be happy that you get a free awesome player, that can handle almost every format out there.

The source code will be available soon enough. Just be patient.


Aug 18, 2008
Nexus 9
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Now i understand.
Developers compile the latest version of codec only for internal use (develop) and the community cannot be aware that the coming release of MX player will require a new codec version.
So, people who usually keep the codec updated (like USBhost on github) realize this matter only when the new MX version is already out and they display the outdated custom codec message.

However you are right, the player is good, so i have just bought the pro version.


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Feb 12, 2013
Likewise, 1.49 looking good upon quick review. Detected in download folder (which I decline) then manually installed from elsewhere, runs OK in free MX Player 1.49.5 on stock Moto Android 10 and 11.
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May 4, 2019
I wonder if there could be a filter added to these codecs that would tone-map correctly Dolby Vision videos so that even smartphones with "allegedly no support for that could be used to watch such content without issues.

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    Pro is worth the money. Use VLC as a backup player for when Codecs aren't updated.
    I'm so, so tired of this. I have disabled updating because of this need...
    mx player pro says my codec too old...
    1.49.0 codec works fine for my Pro 1.51.7.
    Like people don't look for updated codecs. Plus Pro gets updated a while after free, so there are usual new codecs avail for pro.
  • 1760 is my modified source where i'm building from
    You can download recent codecs here ( GitHub releases ) and 1.35.0-1.8.6 here ( Google Drive ).
    Also the XDA download tab is no longer updated as for some reason I cant remove them.

    1. Check which version you need by going to Local Player Settings/Decoder/General
    in the Custom Codec tab it will tell you which one is needed (x86,x86_64,neon,neon64/ARMv8).
    Note: skip step 1 if your using aio (all in one) version
    2. Download the one you need (No need to unzip it)
    3. Go back to Local Player Settings/Decoder/General
    and tap the Custom Codec tab then select the version you downloaded. DONE!
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

    What's the difference between MX Player Codec Packs on Google Play and Custom Codec?
    MX Player Codec Pack not only contains ffmpeg library, It contains many other libraries required to work properly. If you download MX Player from Google Play mostly it will contain the required libraries according to your device architecture. You have to install codec packs from Google Play only if MX Player asks to install. Custom codec is just a modified version of the ffmpeg library used in MX Player. It's modified to include support DTS/Dolby(ac3) audio tracks. So, Codec Pack is mandatory if MX Player asks to install it. Custom Codec is optional and It's required only if you want to play the videos with DTS & Dolby (AC3) audio tacks

    Why Custom Codec is not updated even though MX Player is updated?
    In Many occasions MX Player may updated without any changes to ffmpeg library. So, Custom Codec will also remain same. The custom codec version required will be directly forced by the player itself. So no need to worry about it. If it's not compatible MX Player will not load at all.

    How do I know that my Custom Codec is outdated & needs an update?
    Whenever MX Player is updated, It will check the custom codec version loaded. If it's outdated it will show a error message that shows "Custom Codec is out of date. Replace it with the new version". Otherwise there is no need to check this thread for the new Custom Codecs.
    Custom codecs for 1.9.8
    Update 1.13.0 is up!!!

    1.13.0 ARMv8 codec is needed here as well, thank you !

    Please, it any chance to get ARMv7 Neon codec for version 1.13 mx player? I have sony TV and its problem with EAC3 :-/ Need codec for this version.

    It's up on Google Drive now!!! :angel: neon64 is our ARM64
    However I can't seem to upload them to XDA... I guess Brave does not like flash lol oh well.
    Edit: Its up on XDA as well now.