My 9th Dawn Android RPG review

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Dec 14, 2012
Coming from a Diablo , rouge like history of gaming, I have always been into computer versions of those types of games. Huge worlds to explore, a plethora of items to find, secret dungeons and chests spread out everywhere to reward the player that likes to find everything in a world. Until I played and bought 9th Dawn I didn't think I would ever experience that PC EXPERIENCE OF A HUGE WORLD ROUGE TYPE GAME.

While the grafix are simple sprites the fighting is fun. Three typical characters are there for your picking.The knight that can use a wide variety of swords ,axes,spears. The mage that fires spells like an Angry Bird rubber band style. Believe me the Mage and Archers way of shooting projectiles are a blast. The mage can upgrade his staff skills or magic, or both. Higher end staffs can not be exquiped by pure magic mages. The archer can work on upgrading his bow skills (skills are raised with use, think of Oblivion) so he can use a huge variety of bows. Or he can become a mad dagger wielding fool with shield abilities.

Bottom line, if you are into huge world exploration RPGs and high tech graphixmare not your requirement for good gaming.9th. Dawn is your game



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Nov 3, 2012
This game is a lot of fun and it's constantly updated.

The only problem I've had with it is that sometimes their updates break the game, but they usually push fixes with a few hours