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My DHDs screen gives in when pressing on it.

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Senior Member
Feb 3, 2008
I just received my dhd, and I'm noticing that the top glass is giving in just a tiny bit. It's not that I can see it as much as I can hear it.

I'm reluctant to send it back as I need a working phone at all times. When I had the nexus one it had a.similar issue which was fixed by blowing hot air on the part of the glass that was ggiving in. Would this work here as well? I don't have a blowdryer so I'll need to borrow one when I can.

It seems like pushing it and holding my hand there for a min only helps for a little while. I'm assuming hot air is needed?

Help is much appreciated.

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Senior Member
Feb 25, 2009
If you got it from a mobile shop then take it back and ask for a replacement. If they say they have to send it away ask for a temp replacement phone till yours returns, most shops have temp phones they can use, they just dont like to do it.

Me personally, I would not like to use a hot air gun on my phone, but you own it so its up to you.

Good luck,



Senior Member
Jun 4, 2004
I have the same issue when pressing the top right .. you can hear a small click sound ...

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