My experience - CAOS R 300l+ (Android 11) Stable so far.

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Jun 1, 2010
caos v305 210419 is out:

CAOS R 2021.04.19

  • phh treble patches v305+
  • rework dynamic root, now it fully compatible with Termux
  • folder for scripts moved from /sdcard/phh to the /data/adb/phh
  • separated vendor apps & overlays disabling prop, you can still using old phh's variant or custom new one in Phh settings
  • reworked NFC tile behavior, again was taken from GrapheneOS (hope it works)
  • in Gapps/Go Gapps builds added Digital Wellbeing
  • renamed autobrightness overlay to match phh style
  • recovery title removed from restarting message
  • set in build.prop 'user' type build
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Jun 1, 2010
Might just be me.. But I think I got VoLTE to work.. At least if I go to Settings -> About Phone -> Sim Status (Sim 1) -> It says something like Network type for mobile talking: LTE , Network type for mobile data: LTE. - Any easy way to check if it is actually working?


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Jun 1, 2010
It still says LTE in the top bar.. also during calls. Might try to check the part in settings during a call next time.
Edit: Just rechecked during call .. It changes to 3G (just changes back so fast that it was not noticable during end of call before. After test call to watch the topbar I see the change :( :( :(
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    I'm saying because the instructions are unclear, not everybody is a pro or reads minds, and I'm telling that method is not working, it restarts after the yellow text appears.

    @-Alf- Has made his instructions in this thread very clear, worked for me.
    I'll lay it out for you...

    1. Start with EMUI - I used EMUI
    2. Extract the ROM .img file from the compressed file.
    3. Flash the image in Fastboot, to enter fastboot; from power off; hold down on volume while attaching usb.
    4. Flash extracted [IMAGE FILE].img from fastboot , use command:
      • fastboot flash system [IMAGE FILE].img
    5. If you want NFC fix flash NFC - IF NOT, Skip to 6
    6. Run command fastboot reboot, unplug your phone
      • When yellow text appears hold Up for 3 seconds (2nd option in yellow text)
      • In eRecovery select 'Wipe data/factory reset'.
      • Reboot
      • Boot phone and do all installs.
    7. If you want MAGISK, boot to fastboot and flash patched recovery ramdisk from the original EMUI you came from.
      • Install patched recovery!Z9NBVYSZ!NAd-h_VtRecyl28UX5E5z6KMa3cw56KCbQN-P6yxPMY
      • fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk [PATCHED RECOVERY].img
      • fastboot reboot
      • on yellow screen HOLD POWER and UP until reboot, release power when you see HUAWEI logo but keep holding up, you'll see yellow text but only 1 line if right.
      • Install Magsik Manager from usual sources
    8. Now, with Magisk root you can do the steps layed out by @whitetigerdk but its not necessary.
      • Install 'Treble Info' from PlayStore (just search it)
      • Look in the app to what kind of "Treble and VNDK" used by your phone - Mine was using VNDK version 28.
      • In a root file manager (your choice)
      • Now go to system -> system -> system_eks -> apex
        You will most likely find som folders named (xxx=something):
      • Delete the folder before what you saw in TrebleInfo (as my example i could delete VNDK version 27
    9. If YOU messed up, try again from base EMUI (dload method or Erecovery restore or install stock system.img extracted from Service ROM via fastboot)
    No notification, ringtone, alarm sounds present on the phone.
    Everything can be found in "audio"folder. Go root/system/product/media/audio , you can copy sounds to the using root explorer (e.g. Solid explorer) .
    Hi all.
    I wanted to share my experiences with you all.

    I have the last couple of days run this rom as my daily driver - and I must say, that this is by far the best I have tried yet.
    The rom is very fast and so far all features that I have used have worked perfect right out of the box.

    I will link you to the rom and write a short guide to how I made it stable and usefull.
    Hope more of you will enjoy running Android 11 (R) on your P20 Lite - Mine is ANE-LX1 hw/eu but this should run on all versions.

    First som screenshots from my phone:
    [OFFICIAL] AOSP Q Mod // CAOS <= official tread by author
    CAOS TrebleGSI <= latest version on SourceForge
    If somebody can suggest how to unlock the full potential of the camera hardware,
    No chance on Kirin, try "Footej Camera 2" , IMO the best solution.