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My experience - PIXEL EXPERIENCE PLUS (A11) - GSI-Unofficial

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New member
May 5, 2021
Does anyone know if it room supports volte?
My carrier only supports calls by volte, so i can't realise any call If it isn't available. It's the only thing that stops me to upgrade.


Jun 24, 2018
Hm... The updater script states that this is VoLTE fix for Android 11


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Oct 20, 2021
Hey -Alf-,

Thanks for your awesome work in this forum all the time. I've managed to install this ROM on my ANE-LX1 and had it (without magisk) as a daily driver for some weeks. Now I've figured out that Bluetooth is not working. Do you have any suggestions what I can flash so that it's working? Is this a known issue? Can I provide you some information about this so that you could figure out what's wrong?

I thought that maybe my NFC-Flash (does it include some bluetooth related stuff ?) didn't worked well but idk. I'm not using NFC and Nearby Share seems to work.

I'm new to the android world, so sorry for the blabla. but I'm a web-developer so just give me the serious infos. I don't know where to start solving my problem. :)


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Oct 20, 2021
I'm not sure if I'm providing serious enough infos, I have a bit of stage fright... :rolleyes:
Is there any fastboot or adb command that could print any info which would be helpful?

I was wondering if I can try re-flashing the NFC-Patch without reinstalling the ROM.

EDIT: Ok, I've figured out that there is a bluetooth workaround included in threble settings... seems that my connection problem is solved. Let's see. It's a basic smart-watch I'm testing
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Oct 20, 2021
Hey Guys, is it still possible to install custom roms on Huawei devices? I thought it isn't possible anymore. Am I wrong?
Stable enough to be used as your daily driver.

This rom is not developed nor maintained by me!
Credits: @ponces

Requirements: full stock EMUI 9.1, with stock recovery_ramdisk for "arm64-ab" (not vndklite!)

Download: Here

Install like any other GSI Rom including the Nfc patch.

IMPORTANT! Before booting up the ROM, you will need to perform a factory reset in stock recovery!

Quick and easy way to install GSI & NFC :

1. Extract the ROM .img file from the compressed file.
2. Flash extracted ... .img in fastboot , use command
fastboot flash system (file_name).img
3. In fastboot flash TWRP over eRecovery (!) - guide:
4. Run command fastboot reboot , enter TWRP (press and hold Volume Up)
5. In TWRP unmount all except SD Card , Vendor and System (unmount and mount again if needed) and flash NFC patch

6. Go back to the TWRP's main menu, select Reboot > Recovery.
7. Now you can perform factory reset in stock Recovery.
Note: the TWRP will remain instead of eRecovery.


(Note: If you don't plan to use TWRP, simply install patched Recovery_ramdisk in fastboot mode. Run command
fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk magisk_patched-23.img ).

Install TWRP-9.1
over eRecovery (it's necessary on EMUI 9.1 - Guide
1. In TWRP flash Mount-fix .zip file
2. Reboot into TWRP
3. Select 'Install Image' and flash
patched recovery_ramdisk
over recovery_ramdisk.
4. Go back , select Reboot > Recovery.
5. Install Magisk manager apk:

(SafetyNet ✅
Contactless payments ✅ with Magisk v23.0 )


1. In TWRP flash Zip.file
2. Install Phh Superuser apk .(if needed) https://mega.nz/file/A4sWFYxZ#9KMkvKRgzU7oCvgThPFQOpv_wKAnLZcZVWcJ03HDyNE

Not working: VoLTE, LED notification (at least for me)
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Quick question, how did you manage to boot an A/B rom?

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