My Iphone 6 plus stuck on logo with progress bar

Jul 7, 2020
Please!!!! please! help me out. I have iPhone 6 plus 64GB it is stuck on the apple logo with a progress bar. It happened when I was presented with an update notification. at first, it was running on IOS 12.0. After an update notification appeared, i connected the phone to iTunes and everything went well with no errors at all. but the phone never gets past the progress bar. It loads until it stops at the last 1-millimeter end. at stays there for even a day. I tried to flash it using the latest 3u tools , it flashes well with no errors at all but still the same thing happens. I tried DFU mode flash but still the same thing happens.
Surprisingly, if i connect it to pc, it shows everything well. I can even put in music, movies and other files. I have include all the pics.

please help its the only phone i have right now.