My Nexus desk dock used in my truck bluetooth.

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Dec 6, 2007
Los Angeles
I have my stereo hooked up with an audio cable in the back with a 3.5 out. Hooked up to my desk dock to it and usb car charger, and you are set. You can hide it and never bring it out. You can also get a double usb car charger (Griffin makes one) and have one for the dock, that's put away and the other on your phone.

FYI: skinned phones will not dock due to connectors.

You can see video on youtube title:
"My Nexus One Desk Dock Used In My Truck Bluetooth" (copy & paste without the quotes)

Sorry, I can't link cause of my old/new account.

Any questions please ask.
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Dec 11, 2007
Yeah it is a good way to set it up isn't it.
I did the same in my VW Golf.


I also have the Car Dock as well. So I use the Desk Dock for media audio and the Car Dock to look after charging, phone audio and Navigation. the two devices play well together as you would expect.

The original post explaining how I did it is at Using Desk Dock to provide Aux Hack