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My Phone rustles on calls

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Feb 22, 2010
Hi there, I have a Problem with my Mi Mix 2s.

On Saturday, I have changed the LCD with the cover, because it was broken. No problems, everything is working fine, but now I have found one Problem.

If I get a call or call to other by network provider the other one is hearing a big rustle. It stops very 3 seconds for a second and again. Also he does not really understand me. No Problems, If I talk by using the free call.

What I have tried to:
- Reset Phone App
- Change to another Phone app
- Using the second Sim Port
- Opened the Phone and checked all wire connections
- Using another simcard (gilfriends one, who also have another network provider)

Anyway: I do not have problems to use Vice Recoders, Facebook Call, Fritz!Fon Call or any other apps, who are using the microphone. ONLY the normal call by network provider.