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Jan 21, 2009
So I went Amazon shopping and wanted to give some feedback on what I found to be good, bad and indifferent.

The Samsung silver case is from my pre order credit and came from

My initial response, you kinda get what you pay for.
My favorite among all them is the UAG case and that is what I am using as my daily case.
I chose this because it was smaller than any of the other cases which gave what I consider 'great' protection both on the sides and front and back.
The Ringke comes in second as the best value.
The Poetic is just too large, you will see in the photos it is the largest of them all, but it is the only one that comes with a screen protector which was kinda nice.
The Armadillotek is a great option, but since the phone is already so large in my hand - the UAG was a tad smaller and felt more comfortable.
The Samsung case lacks the raised edges I would like to see in drop protection on the front.
The Anemat also lacked raised edges for safety.


Lined them up on edge to show heigh of all units, the Poetic and Armidillo are the tallest.


Side grips are nice, the phone is large and anything to keep in settled in my hand was a bonus.

I guess for a 1300 phone I had to bite the bullet and get a 50 dollar case, vs the 10 and 20 dollar options.
I did like the ArmidilloTek for the few days I used it, but the UAG just ended up being more comfortable for me personally.

Not sure this will help anyone, but it does, I hope I saved you having to return stuff back to Amazon :)

I plan to put on the gel UV glass screen protector sometime next week, I just left the stock protector on for the time being.

Love the phone though and the promo with TMO really made it a no brainer.


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