My wait time for unlock bootloader is increasing over time :(

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  • Dec 31, 2006
    I bought an Mi 8 chinese version to save money, actually I bought it because I didn't have enough money to buy a global version.

    I requested to unlock bootloader from the first day I received it, it said I have to wait 360 hours, that was totally ok with me.

    Then after 360 hours, I tried to unlock again, it said I have to wait 800 hours (!?)

    And today, after few days, I checked again and it said I have to wait 1056 hours

    I have to live with it for sure, but please careful with Xiaomi, they didn't even want to help their buyer.

    I emailed [email protected] and they keep saying that I have to wait. I waited 360 hours, OMG, then tried and still have to wait 800 hours, and now 10xx hours?

    I created a topic on forum, it seems they saw but ignored.

    A user suggested to create new one on Complaints/Advice section, it got deleted instantly after it posted.


    Just a bad luck for a new phone :(
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