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Dec 6, 2007
Los Angeles
I have an iPad and a nexus s... The stylus works with both and wanted to share with you guys. I do recommend this stylus for drawing and note taking. I'm sure this will work with honeycomb tablets.

This stylus is called the E. Stylo stylus for capacitive screens.

e.stylo features:
- lightweight
- both tips work at different angles
- no extra pressure is needed for it to work
- works with gloves on
- smoothly glides over the screen

The final price of e.stylo will be $15.95 plus $4.99 US shipping and $7.99 for international shipping.

Purchased from if any artist/note takers are interested.

I also made a video of it....(videos in my signature) Check it out if u want to see how it responds on the nexus and iPad.

You can scroll the pictures to the right... sorry about the huge pics.




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May 24, 2008
LOL :D nice

it looks like a small chopstick or a very thick toothpick :p

which BTW works the same way, in fact any soft edge pointy stick will do just the same :)

personally i prefer to use my finger nails to write, it's 100% natural in writing and you carry it with you all the time ;)
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Dec 6, 2007
Los Angeles
It's very nice.... Just like a chopstick (edgy), as long as a pencil, and lightweight but not too light.... those pics suck. :)

I cant wait for the samsung tab, this would be a great stylus for it.
Once Sammy is out, I'm throwing the iPad in the trash. (for sale)
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