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MyFord Touch Navigation Activation Only

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Jul 24, 2021
Had to source a second OBD unit as the first was a dud, but I am happy to report that I am all setup with built in SavNav. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread!


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Nov 29, 2008
hi, i just enable my navigation on my ford escape se 2015 after a few days reading about it, my gps its now working but i noticed that my steering wheel media control (the ones on the right side) wont work as intended, no matter wich one i pressed (right seek, left seek, volume down, volume up, middle button) it only change the source again and again, i change the apim code 7d0-01-02 and 7d0-02-01 for another i found on the web, can you please tell me wich one i have to insert please, i want the navigation to work but also the media controls are very important for me, thanks in advanced

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    people ask what I need to activate the navigation?
    1. update Sync2 system to version 3.8.15128
    and others language pack
    Language Pack 1 - German, English (British), Russian, Turkish:

    Language Pack 2 - German, English (British), Polish, Russian:

    Language Pack 3 - German, English (British), French, Italian:

    Language Pack 4 - German, English (British), French, Swedish:

    Language Pack 5 - English (British), Spanish, French, Portuguese:

    Language Pack 6 - German, English (British), French, Dutch:

    2. with Forscan Extended License you have to change APIM Navigation configuration (7d0-01-02. Byte 1 = 00 No Nav. Byte 1 = 04 with Nav);
    3. install license (send me PM)
    4. to work you need to have the map A (x) for the United States and F (x) for Europe
    How to active MyfordTouch Navigation

    As noted by flsdiver in the previous myfordtouch thread

    Modify the APIM as-built data using Forscan (you will need to request an extended license for Forscan)
    You will also need a ELM327 device that can do HSCAN/MSCAN.

    1) Program APIM using Forscan & ELM327 device. Change the as built data bit with
    (7d0-01-02. Byte 1 = 00 No Nav. Byte 1 = 04 with Nav)
    Turn key off, turn on, sync black screen for a bit, then performing routine system maintenance.... for about 2 mins.

    *Unknown if ACM as built data bit needs to be changed yet.
    2) Program ACM as build with bit mentioned in this thread. Not sure needed/what it does but I did it anyway.

    3) New method seems to be either getting a license file from vincentka post 535 (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=68993515&postcount=535)
    Using the PNG file described here https://www.drive2.ru/l/10018006/ posted by rmcgry

    Download license (BT4T-14F500-BE) from URL attached in the excel document. You will need to replace “YAABBCCD” in the URL section and provide your vehicle’s ESN number otherwise it won’t work. This appears to be case sensitive so make sure it is all uppercase letters.
    You can get the ESN number in the settings section on the myfordtouchunit. You do not need to change anything else in the URL.

    *To do non-north america and non-latest software you will need all the proper field values for your vehicle from the as build and from the current software installed on the vehicle.
    All credit goes to flsdiver for the URL/Excel doc/steps needed.
    *Ford could change this URL and this would no longer work!

    4) *This step may not be needed depending on if you are using the PNG file method. Create the USB device and edit the autoinstall.lst file to only install the BT4T-14F500-BE file.
    5) Stick in A7 nav SD Card.
    6) Enjoy the trip!
    For the long winded explanation, and those that what to put the pieces together...

    APIM = Accessory Protocol Interface Module it is what holds the software that runs MFT.
    ACM = Audio Control Module (Radio)
    IPC = Instrument Panel Control Module
    ESN = APIM Serial Number.
    The Module Id of the APIM is 7D0 on the can-bus.
    The APIM must be programmed with as build data to turn on NAV, more on that later.
    I programmed the APIM bits via obdII 1st then did the nav/license install, not sure order matters or not.
    Optionally the ACM bit can be set (this is very vehicle specific).
    The NAV software license must be installed on the APIM via a normal USB update process.
    The NAV software license must be digitally signed by f0rd for the serial number (ESN) that is on your APIM.
    See other discussions for why one license file does not work in all vehicles (or you wouldn't be reading this thread, everyone would have NAV)
    When done correctly you will see the license show up on the MFT license screen.

    Sources of data regarding your APIM:

    1) Get the As Build data for your vehicle.
    this contains some of the values needed to build the software unlocker url and contains the 7d0
    motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt put in VIN
    download file and save as xml (it's easier to read than .ab with simple browser)
    also, i save this page as html file (ctrls) so that i can easily reference the modules/addresses and compare data for apim/acm.

    this is sample of 7d0 apim as build data that determines what is or is not installed on your vehicle
    		7D0-01-01 	2AAA 	0006 	03B6 	 
    	 	7D0-01-02 	0409 	0604 	8071 	 
    	 	7D0-02-01 	5553 	0103 	8006 	 
     		7D0-02-02 	0200 	0000 	00DD 	 
    	 	7D0-02-03 	0000 	DC 	 	 
     		7D0-03-01 	2055 	5203 	00A5 	 
    	 	7D0-04-01 	0103 	0201 	00E3 	 
     		7D0-04-02 	0101 	DF 	 	 
    	Instrument Panel Control Module
    	IPC 	720-01-01 	2C0B 	1064 	6034 	
    	IPC 	720-01-02 	2013 	106D 	 	
    	IPC 	720-02-01 	4DC0 	3C31 	3CE0 	
    	IPC 	720-02-02 	1000 	A9E4 	 	
    	IPC 	720-03-01 	2805 	5400 	00AC 	
    	IPC 	720-03-02 	C848 	013D 	 	
    	IPC 	720-04-01 	C441 	0000 	0031 	
    	IPC 	720-04-02 	5553 	00D5 	 	
    	IPC 	720-05-01 	0000 	0000 	002D 	
    	IPC 	720-05-02 	0000 	113F 	 	
    	IPC 	720-06-01 	0000 	0000 	002E 	
    	IPC 	720-06-02 	0000 	002F 	 	
    	IPC 	720-07-01 	8401 	88A0 	603C 	
    	IPC 	720-07-02 	0000 	0030 	 	
    	Audio Control Module
    	ACM 	727-01-01 	1801 	1808 	0069 	
    	ACM 	727-01-02 	0600 	37 	 	
    	ACM 	727-02-01 	5B8C 	 	 	
    	ACM 	727-03-01 	1446 	 	 	
    	ACM 	727-04-01 	0001 	0155 	53DD
    This is an excerpt from the as build file that contains the software values for the apim, you will need this to build proper software download url.
    2) Software Installation Report
    this comes from the usb stick that you used to do your last update.
    or you may put the SYNCStatusChecker.zip on a usb stick, put it in your car, turn on key, it will install the report on your usb stick.
    look in the syncmyride folder for xml file that is in the format Sync_<esn>_<vin>.xml
    this file contains all the information you should need to do the software download!
    below is an excerpt from this software report.
    <VIN> <ESN> <HardwareFordPartNumber> <ImageFPN> <VMCUFordPartNumber> <FPN> (2nd application is for nav in this case)
    		<OEMVersion>3.08.15128.EA.10_PRODUCT </OEMVersion>
    3) Alternatively you can get most of this same information from the diagnostic screen.
    Radio off, key on, eject button hold, still holding eject hold the right (next ) button.
    Cancel tone test
    Goto APIM Diagnostic/Part Numbers
    Find on screen -
    APIM Serial Number: <ESN>
    H/W Part Number: <HardwareFordPartNumber>
    CCPU S/W Part Number: <ImageFPN>
    VMCU S/W Part Number : <VMCUFordPartNumber>
    This would leave you to guess your particular NAV pack. <FPN>, usually EA5T-14F657-AD for north america.

    You can use all of this data above, from your vehicle, map it to line 7 of excel, it will generate the url on line 8 for you.
    Download the software, confirm that you have BT4T-14D546-EE in the zip, this is the NAV software license.
    Unzip to USB stick, let this install run just like any normal sync update.
    After update you should be able to go to Settings/System/Install Applications/View Software License and see the nav license on your MFT.

    APIM Programming
    You will need to download Forscan software.
    You will need a good OBDII Forscan compatible OBDII interface.
    Old Real Elm327s with MSCAN/HSCAN switch, or other good interfaces, not the cheap $5 elms on ebay 99.9% will not work.
    Consult Forscan site for more on compatible interfaces.
    Connect Interface and Forscan, let it scan modules.
    Configuration Programming select APIM as build.

    The important thing to set is one bit at 7D0-01-02 00 needs to be 7D0-01-02 04 in all cases we have seen so far.
    7D0-01-02 0009 0604 806D No Nav
    7D0-01-02 0409 0604 8071 Nav
    The checksum (last byte), is the sum of all other bytes on that line
    Checksum for this can be simple, just add 04 hex, so 6D + 04 = 71. See post #7 for good explaination on checksum.
    Your numbers will be different for your vehicle.
    The 1st byte 00/04 and the last checksum are all that need be changed.
    Forscan may or may not calculate this checksum dynamically, i don't remember.
    After doing this the MFT will reboot.
    At which time, you should have nav.

    You will need an SD map card (A7 is current) in the vehicle to use NAV. Go buy one, so that Here maps gets paid.

    Please do not post the url in this thread. Build and download your own.

    Attached a simplified excel with clearer header with entries attached.

    Climate in lower right quadrant can also be enabled. Post #69
    Managed to use a "backup" of maps SD card today. :D
    Sync2 USB update package to 3.10 (16180) version for North America.
    Standard Ford splash screen (not Lincoln, Vignale or Mustang...).
    Checked. Seems to work.
    Made on the original packages, so comments on the functioning should be addressed directly to Ford. :cool:

    Please disregard the information on the screen that it is the 3.08 update. Ford didn't do messages about 3.10 update , so I used those messages from 3.08 that everything was as it should be.


    Important note - the contents of the package for real navi license for versions 15128 and 16180 is different.
    If someone will want to order real navi license from me, must clearly indicate to which version license to be generated.