MyFord Touch system hack. Enable features, navigation, rear view camera, etc.

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Nov 13, 2022
This pack contains Mirror link app only, could you add Video player app?
I should reset system before installing a new pack, or i can install over?


May 23, 2020
Anyone have a link to the software from carlink? I have a mirrorlink but I would prefer carlink. I know there is such a possibility.


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Feb 28, 2022
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Nov 26, 2022
I tried to generate a package but it shows me 'unknown error'. Can someone generate for XU2TCYTH serial? Thank you


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Dec 5, 2022
Good day, pls help me to generate package for XPCM6BQG serial? many thanks
mirrorlink + video player + navitel


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Dec 29, 2022
Dear all, Could you send me thearchive for the serail number:


Many thanks a todos y felices fiestas e buon anno nuovo!

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    Unfortunately I'm too much of a lurker to create a new thread but since it involves some of the topics in this thread I'm going to add to this one. I'm an embedded software engineer with 20 years of experience in reverse engineering. I've got a MFT Sync 2 and have been doing a great deal of research on what is involved in breaking this ****er open. To date I've learned that the i.MX5 uses UART3 for the "debug" serial port and there is an input I/O labeled EOL which can be used to put the bootloader into a special mode. I'm not sure if EOL needs to be pulled high or low as I have no decent pictures of the boards to trace the EOL to see if it's tied to a pull-up or a pull-down. This is of little interest to me, however. My goal is to gain full access to Windows Mobile in order to replace the bootloader with one which will allow dual-boot of Linux and Windows Mobile, along with removing the signing restrictions on Windows Mobile(trivial registry changes and minor patches to the bootloader). I also intend to dump the flash memory despite their pathetic attempt to protect the TSOP pins with epoxy(always a laughable protection and one that proves that they have something to fear from access direct to the flash). The end goal is to create a software-based solution to do this so that all of us who have been abandoned by Ford can extend our Infotainment systems as we please. I bought a new 2016 Fusion SE and like many of you am very pissed off by the lack of support by Ford. The fact that they won't bother supporting AppLink for MFT is extremely lame(not that their are any decent apps, but the technology itself would allow things like linking our smartphones to Sync in a meaningful way). Having enabled Navigation was nice but I find it to be sub-standard, IMO. More than once it's routed me in insane directions. I would much rather create a google maps AppLink-style integration since GMaps is free, constantly updated and rarely steers me wrong.

    So my proposal is this. I have the time, experience and drive to bust Sync open. I do not, however, have a MFT system that I'm willing to modify as my warranty on my car was expensive and I have no desire to void it at this time, nor do I want to take the chance of toasting it. I am willing to dedicate the time to do these things but I require donations in the form of PayPal or a functional MFT system(which the monetary donations would be used to purchase). All code/information will be open-source and free, though some of it may be closed temporarily in order to avoid Ford patching holes until they're fully exploited. People who donate will get full access to all information.

    Additionally, anyone who has experience with Windows Embedded 6, Windows Automotive, Adobe Flash Exploits, ARM(particularly assembly language) and general RevEng are welcome to join in. I'm willing to share all tools that I have at my disposal and encourage you to do the same. Even if you don't have any development experience but have access to related tools and information, please contact me.

    Finally, I know that I am a "ghost" here on XDA. Truth be told, "asmblur" is a not a name I used to go by and I choose to use this one to avoid potential issues from corporations that were not so happy with the fact that I laid waste to their pathetic protections on their systems. I'm an extreme proponent of consumer rights to modify and extend the functionality of products they own and nothing pisses me off more than a company locking the consumer out of their own property. As a software engineer, I respect the right of an intellectual property owner. In my opinion, protecting your I.P. should involve litigation when their rights are breached, NOT locking down a system so that only "approved" software may be used. In the past, game consoles(I won't say which ones) where my target and I'm happy to say that many of my innovations can be found in "homebrew" software to this day. I no longer have interest in game consoles but when I buy a product and find it lacking features I know I could add but the system has protections in place that inhibit me from doing so, all I can say is: GAME ON!

    Hopefully this post doesn't break any rules at XDA. I'm not trying to make any profit and I'm not interested in scamming anyone. I have an extensive workshop with the tools necessary to perform the tasks I've outlined(though sadly my oscilloscope has bit the dust, luckily I can live without it). I've got years of experience working with teams spread throughout the world as well, but unfortunately English is the only language I speak fluently. "Il y a un écureuil dans mon pantalon." is about the extent of my French.
    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you! -ASM

    Thank you to Forscan team. They were wonderful to work with in getting ELM327 working on HSCAN/MSCAN and enabling APIM as build flash. Awesome software! Please don't nag them about the software, they will release soon i imagine.
    Thank you to members here for hints/clues/files.
    Thank you to ford.

    Now the good part...
    1) Program APIM as build with bit mentioned in thi thread.
    2) Program ACM as build with bit mentioned in this thread. Not sure needed/what it does but i did it anyway.
    3) Download license (BT4T-14F500-BE) and nav software pack (EA5T-14F657-AD hint! in my case)..
    4) Flash this as normal usb stick update.
    5) Stick in A7 nav SD Card.
    6) Enjoy the trip!

    There is no need for a total APIM flash...maybe that was posted to get past step 1 i did with forscan.

    3) is tricky, i finally nailed it. What i posted earlier today (just updated zip with more accurate information) is very close to working download for your vehicle, just use your VIN/ESN/part numbers. Hint!
    Get the xml (format is SYNC_ESN_VIN.XML) from the normal usb update from your vehicle, it has needed information (you can get this from ford/sync website and run it on USB stick) Hint!

    Get the license/software pack while you can, f0rd can shut this down anytime i imagine.
    I guess I will have to RTFM now?

    This thread just got really fun!
    UPDATE: Hey folks, navigation has been figured out. Thank you to everyone who helped and an especially big thank you to the folks in Russia who made it mostly possible!

    There was a thread on this topic a while back and has since been closed. Pending certain developments it has become prudent to open a new thread to discuss these new directions.

    The last thread can be found here:

    First of all, I want to start this thread by saying this is NOT intended to start fights! One user, jmr061, has figured it all out and currently charges money through his own private website and business in the Wisconsin area. I don't want to hear anything about putting anyone out of business. His business is his own. Its fine if you feel that way but this thread isn't the place to discuss it. He is also the only one thus far who has successfully plumbed the workings of MFT entirely and I have nothing but respect for him. He also happens to be a very helpful poster on many Ford enthusiast websites across the net and doesn't deserve any chastising of any kind. Keep it clean!

    Current option for adding Navigation to MFT in a non-Nav equipped vehicle:

    Replacing the APIM with a Nav enabled one. The part numbers are different and a few versions exist. To successfully add the new APIM you must match the correct options. By not getting the proper APIM you will very likely lose features such as the backup camera, etc.. To properly check which car came with what options you will need to use Ford Etis. Ford Etis can be found Here. Options that are not enabled by the factory show as "Less XXX" where XXX represents the option. For example, a car without Nav will read "Less Navigation". Similarly, a car with Nav will read "With Navigation". You must match all options.

    There are a few downsides to this procedure. First of all, the obvious is finding an APIM that is correctly configured for your car. Secondly you will need to rip the dash apart. It isn't particularly difficult depending on your model but it can lead to a few setbacks. A software update from Ford installed on a USB drive can also remove the nav. I'll get into this later down below. The expense is also a factor as you can rarely get the units for less than a few hundred. Certain sites online sell Nav enabled APIMs for over a thousand or more.

    You will also need to purchase a navigation SD card separately. At the time of writing (Feb 2016) the A7 card is newest for North America.

    I can independently confirm this method does work. This is my 2013 Ford Fusion SE that was equipped with MFT and no Nav.

    What I believe we need to do to unlock Navigation in our MFT systems

    The secret to enabling features is going to be in the As Built Data. ABD. It seems as though all MFT cars get the same APIM and what differentiates the features is the ABD. The ABD tells the car which features were purchased and which to be enabled. ABD is not plain text, it exists as bits. Comparing the ABD of cars with Nav vs cars without Nav should teach us what modifications we need to make. The ABD is NOT easy to access or change and will likely involve using proprietary or expensive software to do so. Ford VCM2 and IDS are a guarantee. ABD is not unique to the APIM, in fact its used in many modules on the car. We are unable to manually change values on the APIM ABD.

    We should be able to accomplish this without opening the dash up as the solution is within the software, not the hardware.

    I found a tool for the Ford Focus that will retrieve ABD and edit it.

    Things to keep in mind:
    - Updates for MFT from will remove Nav from even a Nav enabled APIM. As happened to me. Probably has to do with the ABD (as stated above).
    -It seems as though the update files given to a car with Nav are identical to the update files given to a car without Nav. I could be wrong but my testing of this is very limited. I used the VIN from my car to create an account and download the latest version of the software then I used the VIN from a Nav enabled car and created a separate account and downloaded the latest software. The file name, size, and hash are the same. It is unknown (at least by me) at this time if this is the same across the board. Its possible (and likely) the file for the Fusion will differ from the file for say an Escape.
    - A downstream USB port exists on the rear of the APIM. Connectivity achieved by use of a Ford Rotunda OTC Sync Generation 2 Programming Cable.
    - Interestingly enough it seems that all Nav enabled APIMs use the same Navigation license.
    - Many (possibly most) APIMs are all loaded with the Navigation apps already and simply lack the license. Some users on other forums have sucessfully added the license (again the same on all) but it won't magically run. Probably ABD related as well.
    - Modifying the Zip files for the update install will break the signature and verification used by the MFT and will NOT install.
    - The MFT system is custom designed from the ground up. No standard file structure exists in other systems.
    - In the old thread a user jsalzman took his APIM apart. He took highly detailed pictures. They can be found Here. Thank you!
    - Ford IDS cannot be used to change ABD on APIM for MFT.
    - It seems jmr061 figured it all out around March 2015. Some of his post history on other forums gives us many clues. Please don't flame him.
    The program I wrote for making your own JPG is here:!AEZ2hADD!YPlNcj0OMvLlEe992KotOT49NlQJlncPrX1Mbv_gnN4

    Included in the package:
    A mirrorlink installer.jpg and a navitel installer.jpg.
    Both are already decompressed and modified to APIM ID "ABCD1234" to protect the original providers of the files.
    The program can find a specified APIM ID in the JPG and replace it with a new one.
    In this case, you want to replace ABCD1234 with your APIM ID.
    Click BROWSE to select one of the included JPG files to modify.
    Click FIND ID OFFSET and the program will locate the current APIM ID in the file.
    Enter your APIM ID and click MAKE NEW JPG to save a new JPG with your APIM ID.
    Use the new JPG as your installer.jpg

    The source code is included for anyone that doesn't like downloading random EXE's off the internet.

    Here you go: TMC, some unknown ECALL option and the possibility to turn off that annoying blue screen with time/date, all tested on European Focus

    edit: in APIM configuration there is a "Audio Visualizer: Off" setting, does anybody know what that might be?