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Jun 1, 2013
I'm starting a N8000 RADIO collection because we're having discrepancies where WiFi works on N8000 for certain ROMs for some people, but not others.

N8000 Baseband Google Drive folder

Here is a current list of Basebands in the Google Drive folder
VERSION Original Stock ROM Comment
N8000XXUDNH1 (South Africa Vodafone Android 4.4 ROM) WiFi works on @TheMorpheus Android 5.0.2 but no @lirokoa ROM's (or derivatives)

Share your baseband and help us all develop better N8000 ROMs
You will find your baseband version in Settings > About > Baseband.
If you have a N8000 with a baseband not listed above, please upload it to https://uploadfiles.io/ or a similar free filesharing site and I'll try add it to the Google Drive (so it'll be available permanently) in a timely manner.

How to dump your N8000's Baseband
You need to run a command as root on your device. I find the quickest, most convenient way is with `adb shell` and `adb pull ...`. But you could do it in a root terminal on the device and upload it from the device also.
Here are detailed instructions for doing it with ADB shell and pull (replace XXXXXXXXX with your baseband version)

1. Enable Dev Options: Go to settings > About > Software info > Tap build number 9x until Developer options is enabled.
2. Enable ADB as Root: In Settings > Developer options: Enable ADB and root over ADB
3. cd /tmp/
4. adb shell
dd if=/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/RADIO of=/data/XXXXXXXXX.radio
5. adb pull /data/XXXXXXXXX.radio
6. Upload XXXXXXXXX.radio for free at https://uploadfiles.io/
7. Post here

Share the link here with the basic info as per this example mentioning the latest/best ROM (in your opinion) that your device works with:
XXXXXXXXX (?Country? ?Network? Android ? ROM) WiFi works on Android ?version? ?romname? ##.# by @foo

Thank you for contributing to the N8000 community and facilitating new ROM development.
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