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Sep 11, 2015
Send me link for n8010

The reason I asked for a link for CWM for my device is that it doesn't seem present in the "Download Home":

See? My device (n8010) isn't there. Am I supposed to use CWM version for another device? And by the way, no need to send me this link as every file gives me "500 Internal Server Error" when I try to download it.

So my question persists: Does anyone have a link for Philz Touch which would work on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (n8010)?

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    Main thread + features + install instructions + dev support

    PhilZ Touch is a CWM Advanced Edition that adds all the features you could ever miss in CWM
    It is a well proven recovery for many phones

    It also adds a full touch interface a completely configurable GUI

    Since many requests to port it to N8000, here it is finally released

    Please give your feedback, what works, and any bug you could encounter
    Read the features, and check if you are missing something

    I would appreciate a screen shot from your device, mainly under GUI options or custom backup menu where you select partitions
    To take a screen shot, just slide left

    Also, do not forget to read about the powerful aroma file manager integration and double tap shortcut

    Download links
    Last version can be found here:
    PhilZ Touch version 5

    - Brings mainly a completely revised and more portable touch code
    - A true scrolling touch GUI
    - A lot of fixes and optimizations





    Change log
    - touch code completely rewritten to support more devices (no more calibration needed)
    - true touch scroll effect and much improved touch response
    - secure touch: robust to wrong selections while scrolling + confirmation before any bad thing
    - add option to completely disable touch
    - options to restore Koush or PhilZ Touch background images
    - restoring default backgrounds (Koush, PhilZ Touch) will apply live (a reboot was previously needed)
    - fix touch on HTC Pico, HTC One S and HTC One XL
    - restore support for device keys KEY_MENU and Home key (KEY_HOME, KEY_HOMEPAGE)
    - add /preload support in twrp backup and restore modes
    - mount /system and /data on Aroma File Explorer launch
    - fix battery stats error in some circumstances
    - i9100/n7000: update CWM Superuser to v1.0.1.8 (through zip installer)
    - code cleaning, various fixes and optimizations
    - force reset of recovery settings to v5: new settings file name
    - backup file name is unchanged so that old settings can still be restored

    Download links
    Last version can be found here:
    New version 5.03.0

    Below is full change log
    In short:
    - potential serious bug for /data/media devices
    - Advanced Backup statistics during nandroid tar operations
    - Update to cwm
    - 3 new colors as requested
    - Add toggles to change color of header text and battery/clock display color
    - Small GUI changes (fix color highlight of virtual buttons and the bottom menu line color

    - fix backup size progress in twrp mode
    - improve code for backup stats during nandroid jobs
    - display full backup stats (total size, compression ratio, elapsed time) at end of backups
    - merge last cm-10.1 updates:
    * fix nandroid cmd command did not load volume table
    * support nandroid dump/undump commands
    * nandroid backup command line still segfaults
    * silent log when mounting /data/media
    - add 3 new color palettes (30 colors total): dimmer gray, yellow and gold
    - add toggle for header custom color
    - add toggle for battery and clock custom color
    - line at bottom of menus will now have same color as menus separator lines
    - set new defaults to header and menu text colors
    - show backup/restore stats in color during nandroid jobs
    - fix touch issue when exiting friendly log or blanked screen, and pressing on virtual buttons

    - fix root break for devices with shared recovery partition caused by Whil Wheaton update
    - advanced backup size monitoring during nandroid operations
    - prompt to cancel backup on low free space (% and absolute)
    - live display size stats during backup: total data written, free space left
    - support backup and restore of /misc partition for both CWM and TWRP operations
    - prevent potential segfault when calling is_data_media_volume_path()
    - merge cm-10.1 changes:
    * remove adb sideload /tmp/update.zip after flashing to avoid second flash under some circumstances
    - fix android_secure could not be backed up under some circumstances (ensure mount of sdcard)
    - completely rewritten android_secure support: much simpler code
    - optimize cancel nandroid job action
    - allow cancel yaffs2 nandroid operations
    - allow dim screen timeout during yaffs2 nandroid operations
    - fix set brightness and auto-dim screen timer for Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
    - fix battery stats display for Nexus 10
    - restore default actions of real device keys we fake for touch events
    - correctly map device virtual keys to default recovery actions
    - fix virtual buttons highlight color to match their line separator color (blue)

    - support Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
    - clean code for non PhilZ Touch buils
    - Merge cm-10.1 changes to cwm
    * recovery: fix sideload cancel" into cm-10.1
    * make_ext4fs support
    * auto prompt to root device when booting to main system

    - use device specific background images during compile process

    Download links
    Last version can be found here:

    Uploading, please be patient
    Released v5.08.5

    Change list 5.07.1 ---> 5.08.5
    5.08.5 (11.07.2013)
    - Compile Aroma File Manager (by amarullz) zip installer under recovery:
    * either compile whole recovery, zip will be created at first pass
    * or only compile aroma zip installer in two pass:
    1- mmm bootable/recovery/aromafm
    2- mmm bootable/recovery/aromafm/tools
    * output: [target_out]/aromafm_out/aromafm_[DeviceID].zip
    - detect aroma compatibility with non NEON devices during compiling
    - use less conflicting flags: TARGET_NAME --> TARGET_COMMON_NAME

    5.08.0 (07.07.2013)
    - improve nandroid progress bar update
    - fix recovery was not prompting when backup estimated size is larger than free space
    - add ors backup support for twrp format requested by BillGoss
    - ors backup: when no backup name is given, generate it using same way as nandroid operations (time stamp + rom name tag)
    - support separated compiling for Loki patched devices (S4 AT&T and Verizon)
    - i9505: revert some changes to fix time bug for some users
    - Galaxy S4 US variants: repack around Audism stock JB 4.3 kernel v3 + Samsung exfat modules + revert use of mkefs for partition corruption issue
    - fix missing break in set backup compression value menu (misc_nandroid_menu())
    - misc clean up code
    - sync latest sources

    5.07.6 (05.07.2013)
    - update version
    - add exfat-fuse / 2.9.2 optional support by enabling USE_EXFAT_FUSE_BIN CFLAG in BoardConfig (exfat support on cyanogenmod repacks)
    - i9505: use Audism kernel v3 (Stock Samsung sources) to fix partition corruption without additional code and for better exfat support

    Please Note: Device specific threads will no longer be updated. I monitor them for support and feedback though
    To check if you have a new version, subscribe to main thread:


    Thank you for your understanding
    v4.91.2 Final
    Touch should be now fixed
    It also adds latest cwm cm-10.1 source updates


    Still need feedback about bottom virtual buttons if they all work fine
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